April, 2023

Alexis Lebron // Orlando, FL // @joker.fc1

Ever since the tenth generation Honda Civic came out, I wanted one to call my own. From the looks to the motor capabilities, I wanted to show people what this car was really about. Sure, the modern tech and comfort of this car are important aspects, but there's so much more to this platform. I wanted to show people that the L15B7 can actually be a competitive engine, even with its oil-diluting 1.5L non-VTEC. 

AVID.1 AV06 (18x9.05+38)
Continental Extreme Contact Sport (245/45/18)

Modifying my car is one of my favorite things to do in my garage. My favorite modification would have to be the downpipe and KTuner; these two things wake the car up so much. My next few modifications will be a Flex Fuel Kit or Meth, a big turbo, and a TSP short block.

My favorite memory has to be when I was going to a school and all the kids were looking at the car, pointing, and taking pics. It struck a soft spot in me, because I once was that kid. As for my least favorite memory, I'd have to say when the car broke down on me. When installing the downpipe, I had a stud break. The rods, bearings, and the head are a little annoying. I'm limited in what power I can push before it goes "boom", and I want to push as much as possible to see where it can go.

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