February, 2023


Preston Thomas // 28 // Madison, MS // @str8_fyr


I drove by the Honda dealership and saw these cars sitting outside. I walked in to test drive it and I saw this dude who was 6'4, 250 lbs. bragging to this couple about how much he loves his Civic and how much fun it was. I had to test drive it after seeing this. I had an experience like none other while driving the Sport Hatchback! Everything seemed to be perfect, and I knew I could make it my own! I came back the next day and saw a black one coming off the truck and it was just a one of a kind feeling that I couldn’t pass up!



Current Modifications List

LED Bulb Conversion
Spyder Auto LED Fog Lights
Jets Vinyl Yellow Fog Light Tint
Red Paddle Shifter Extenders
Kicker Subwoofers
Mirror Caps
Window Louvers
UMS Sequential Garnish Lights
Side markers
H.I.C. Rain Guards
Roof Spoiler
Duckbill Spoiler

Future mods include wheels, intake, tune, exhaust, body kit, custom wrap, steering wheel, and so much more. After I tinted my car, I started watching videos on YouTube of Chris Time FK7 and I saw how easy some of the stuff was to do myself. I knew then I found a new hobby! I could make my car one of a kind and know every part of it! Such a beautiful experience to watch your car come together.

*Yes, TSP can help you get items that are not listed on our website!


My favorite memory is sitting at the gas station in Illinois and the guy just wouldn't stop looking at me. He then said, "Man what is that?" I told him, "A Honda". He was in such disbelief! He had never paid any attention to them in the past and told me I had such a beautiful car! Least favorite memory would be this lady bumping into me and telling me that my car rolled back onto her while we were sitting at the stop light. While there were witnesses there that saw her bump me. No real damage though. Biggest setback so far was when I was driving home one night and hit a massive pothole and busted my new tire. I know that's probably minor to some, but it definitely pissed me off! I couldn't drive my car for a week after that because I had to order a new tire! 



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