June, 2024

Dennis Jenkins | 36 | York, SC 


Raised in somewhat of a “Need for Speed” family, I’ve been into cars my whole life. I’ve owned over 20 modded cars in my life. A few of my favorites were a fully built Mazdaspeed 3, Mercedes C63 AMG, Chevrolet Trailblazer SS (turbo), built Subaru WRX STI, and 800hp Pontiac GTO. I’ve had many cars that were fully built and weekend/track cars only, but I really wanted to build a “practical daily”. Something with great gas mileage that I could enjoy every day and with decent track capability. I knew I wanted something with a large aftermarket community that would give me options to make it my own. This car is fun every day; whether it’s in traffic, cruising, or at the track. Everyone knows it’s not a fast straight-line car, but when you’re carving around turns, it puts a smile on your face every time.
PRL High Volume Intake
PRL Titanium Inlet Pipe
27WON GIN Turbocharger (Ball Bearing)
PRL Intercooler Charge Pipes
PRL Front Mount Intercooler
PRL High Volume Outlet
27WON 4 Bar MAP Sensors
TSP High Efficiency Downpipe
PRL Frontpipe
PRL N1 Exhaust
PTP Turbo Blanket
TSP Head Stud Kit
PRL Front Strut Tower Bar
RV6 FK8 Retro Clutch Kit
27WON Rear Motor Mount
Hybrid Racing Shifter Cable Bushings
Hybrid Racing Short Throw Shifter
Acuity POCO Shift Knob
KTuner V2 w/ Custom Tune from DRob
Chasing Js Titanium Fuse Box Cover
Chasing Js Titanium Engine Cover
Silver’s NeoMax Coilovers w/ Swift Springs
Whiteline Rear Sway Bar w/ Adjustable Endlinks
Gramlight 57CR Eternal Pearl 18x9.5 +38
Rays Racing Aluminum Lug Nuts
AeroFlow Dynamics Body Kit
FL5 Retrofit Grilles
Killmat Full Car Kit
Uniden R8 Long Range Radar Detector
The 27WON GIN turbo upgrade and the tune from Derek Robinson is my favorite mod so far. It really woke the car up to where it should have been to start and gave the Si’s 1.5T power all the way through the RPM range. I am currently building a custom 3” “kind of Frankenstein” exhaust using the pretty much drone free PRL N1 with the axle back from the AWE track exhaust. I wanted a true 3” exhaust from the turbo back while retaining the duals exits for aesthetics. I love building cars to make them mine. No one other than me has touched the car since the day I purchased it. From the mods, maintenance and paint correction, everything on this car has been completed by me. I took care in my part selection to make sure the car was going to respond how I wanted it to, on and off the track.
I love seeing people smile when they come along for a track ride and are surprised at what the car is capable of, as well as keeping up with much more expensive cars. So far, this Si has been great. It performs well all around while still averaging 30+ mpg. Other than the interior rattles and cheap paint, the car has no issues in my opinion. The biggest setback right now is just the current limitations of the short block. I’m hoping sometime soon some internals are offered so I can push the boundaries even more. I would love to have a reliable 500whp 3000lb track rocket.
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