September, 2022


Brett Brossart || 27 || Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada || @slayerfc1

"I crashed my 2010 Cobalt SS after putting only 5000km on it. It was a write-off and at the time it was 2017 and the 10th gen Si was very close to being released. My best friend had just gotten his 2017 Civic Hatchback after he had just started working for Honda in Saskatoon. We both fell in love with the platform. I eventually ended up getting the 2019 Si when I was ready. The Si is the first car I started doing mods to. I never got a chance to do anything to the Cobalt and I decided it was time to start learning. Each upgrade kept on motivating me to create a very unique build, one after another. I'm very proud of my car."

"Favorite memory? My best friend Sheldon had a '21 Boost Blue Type R at the time. We went for a wild ride to my hometown 7 hours from my city there and back home. It was a lot of fun and spirited driving and racing in our 10th gens. Funny story - He has had a '17 hatchback, '19 hatchback, '21 Type R and now he's rocking a '22 Si. These Hondas truly do bring people together. Least favorite memory is I didn't give a homeless man money on my way to my job, he saw what I drove, and he punctured my rear driver's side door with a screwdriver. Unfortunately, there is an unwanted insurance claim on my car for about $4,000 CAD. Thank God for insurance! Needless to say, I now have a beater I take to work on a regular basis to avoid those situations. I absolutely love my 2004 Honda Odyssey! ;) Honda for life!"

Current Modifications List
Type R Short Shifter
Emans Kz CMC
Custom Tune from Drob (shoutout to that dude, he's brilliant)
Fast Wheels FC04 (19x8.5+45)
Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 (235/35/R19)
Downforce Solutions Front Splitter w/ Rods
ABS Dynamics CTR Front Bumper Conversion
ABS Dynamics CTR Rear Bumper Diffuser
Custom Carbon Emblems
Crystal Black Pearl Garnishes
HFP Side Skirts
Inginuity LED Tailights w/ Sequential Turn Signals

My aspirations for completing my build over the next few years are:
PPG gears built trans
Type R Hood

"My biggest setback with the car? I had purchased a 27WON W1 turbo that was defective. 1500km later it was leaking all over my engine bay. My heart was broken after spending so much time and money on my build. I am thankful for 27WON's service as they were okay with me upgrading to a 27WON W2 BB turbo! No regrets about that choice, except the amount of money and time it took putting it in and taking it out. I also refused to put my stock turbo back on my car, so between April-July 2022 my car was parked in my garage collecting dust. It was worth the wait for the W2 turbo. Now my car is tuned by Drob and it's a MONSTER. I don't mean to brag, but my car turns heads now. I can hang with a lot of fast cars and take 'em to Gapplebee's. There is no Civic Si in my area built quite like mine. I love offering advice to all the 10th gen owners who ask about my car. My favorite feeling is motivating the younger generation to do performance upgrades. I always shout out TSP when they ask where to buy parts from! The service is next level and brought my car to the next level as well."

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Brett Brossart

Brett Brossart

Wow that’s one sick Honda and a cool looking dude. Shout out to all the 10th gen owners out there! #TSP

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