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TSP Stage One+ Tune for the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 Honda Civic Si


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Trae B (Mechanicsville, US)

Simply amazing what this tune did for my 2018 Sedan Si. After tint, a Ktuner and this tune were my first performance mods. After the 30 min of normal driving, I could not stop smiling. The torque and the way the car accelerates now, I highly recommend this tune. I’ve recently upgraded my intake and can not wait for the rain to stop and temps to stay down to take a test drive! Thanks TSP!

Shawn D. (The Bronx, US)
Transforms the car

I've been driving on the Stage One+ tune for about 3 months/3500 miles in NYC.
My car is completely stock aside from the tune.
The drivability of the car on the low end is improved significantly. The turbo spools up quicker and earlier, especially in the second and third maps.
The boost feels incredible on the highway and the car breaths so much better than on the stock tune.
Shifting is a lot smoother as well. The car is a lot less jerky in first and slides smoothly into second.
The car has transformed into to something almost scary. Many of my friends who are not car people can tell the difference before and after the tune. I previously had doubts about this civic because it felt slow. That's not longer the case in the slightest.
DRob and the TSP team have unlocked the engines true potential.
You won't regret this tune!!!

P.S. The stock clutch doesn't do a good job of putting down all the power this tune has to offer. I'm gonna ride mine til it goes though haha

Nathan Mahaffey
Great job!!!

Was running on a custom dyno tune for several weeks before this. Car made 252hp 298tq on that tune. This tune felt quicker. Went back to the dyno and made 264hp and 307tq on this tune. Couldn't be happier with it

Jonathan Perez (Belvidere, US)
Very fast

Every thing arrived really fast. I got the tune the next day

Dominick See (Alamo, US)

i love the tune. runs good

Daniel Hernandez (Wichita Falls, US)
Better than expected

I promise you will not find a better dollar for horsepower upgrade anywhere. Power delivery is throughout when warranted and drives smoother than stock in every gear. TSP product matched with TSP customer service made this a great buying experience.

** Are you an existing TSP Stage 1 Si tune owner? If so, upgrade using the link HERE and save on your purchase!


Are you looking for the highest level of safe power output from your 2017+ Civic Si? Look no further!

Two Step Performance continues to partner with Derek Robinson to offer an even more powerful tune for the 2017+ Si. Full details are as follows:

234whp / 279tq - TSP Stage 1 Tune
248whp / 290tq - TSP Stage One+ Tune

All testing was completed on a stock 2020 Civic Si running 93 octane fuel. Tune features include:

  • Numerous fuel, ignition, turbo response, throttle response changes.
  • More aggressive tuning strategy compared to original TSP Stage 1, allowing for more midrange and top-end power.
  • Increased warm idle speed to eliminate vibration from aftermarket mounts.
  • Standard MAF, PRL Motorsports "Race MAF", and 27Won Performance "Race MAF" support (select appropriate option)
  • WOT shifting enabled. (Set to 5000RPM)
  • Adjustable launch control enabled.
  • "Rev hang" disabled with soft throttle padding (user adjustable)
  • Several tweaks to smooth the feel between gear shifts.
  • All disables / monitors are able to be adjusted by the end user.
  • Quick Boost By Gear is able to be adjusted by the end user.
  • On-the-fly boost map switching active for normal and "Sport" modes. (see below)
  • Throttle Responsiveness & Throttle Padding Settings are allowed to be adjusted by the end user so that the overall feel can be aggressive or more toned down, as desired. 

Map 1: Factory boost levels and turbocharger response.
Map 2: 19psi normal, 21psi "Sport" mode, Improved Turbocharger Response 
Map 3: 26psi normal & "Sport" mode, Fastest Turbocharger Response


Factory boost level in "Map 1" allows for easy "valet" mode when the KTuner unit is unplugged from the car!

93+ octane REQUIRED. Use of lower grade fuels is NOT tolerated, and will result in power loss.

  • 100oct race gasoline is suitable, as long as it does not contain lead.
  • The calibration will support up to about 15% ethanol content if necessary to increase knock resistance. For example, you can blend approximately 1 gallon of E85 with 91 octane to achieve the knock resistance required to safely and effectively use this tune.

Upgraded clutch recommended.

Suitable for use with the factory intake or a QUALITY aftermarket intake that keep fuel trims in check such as the PRL Motorsports Cobra. Aftermarket downpipes are also fine. Mods such as this are expected to add power that is not accounted for in our dyno testing.

In addition to standard sized intakes, the PRL Race MAF Cobra & Short Ram intakes as well as the 27Won Race MAF intake are supported. Please select the appropriate option for your intake when ordering. Need to make a change later down the road? Take advantage of our File Conversion Service.

*Tune orders placed during business hours are typically fulfilled via email the same day. Orders outside of business hours are filled the following business day. FlashPro tune orders may be slightly delayed due to the process required to build your custom file.*

Please verify that your ECU is supported via our TSP Tune Compatibility List prior to purchase.

This tune is for the 2017+ Civic Si only. Please be sure you are purchasing the correct tune for your vehicle because digitally delivered items are non-refundable. (If you buy this for your 2016 Civic LX, it won't work, and we cannot offer a refund.)

Click here for our installation guide.