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5098-2600 Stage 3 Full Face Segmented Ceramic Sprung Clutch Kit & Flywheel 3.8L


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Competition Clutch now offers a clutch and flywheel for the Genesis 3.8L. This clutch assembly includes a 2800lb, 250mm pressure plate that offers smooth engagement, nice pedal feel and near stock drivability with an organic disc. For those with more power the stage 3 and stage 4 options are available. The flywheel included in the kit weighs 23.5lbs compared to the OEM flywheel weighing 30.8lbs. The complete clutch and flywheel kit weighs 39lbs. The pilot bearing, alignment tool, and pressure plate bolts are also included in the kit. The throw out bearing is not included in this kit.

Part Number: 5098-2600
Wheel Torque Rating: 450 WTQ

Stage 3 - Street/Strip Series 2600 Clutch Kit
This segmented Ceramic material with a performance pressure plate will provide the ultimate in street and strip combinations. This assembly is suited for up to 150% increase in torque capacity. Provides quick but smooth engagement and extended life.

The 2600 Series kit includes a performance pressure plate, a high torque sprung disc with segmented Ceramic facings, pressed in pilot bearing, and the appropriate alignment tool.

Note: This kit includes steel flywheel.
Throw out bearing required as separate purchase.