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ESCO Shift Knob for M10X1.5 Shifters (Honda & Acura)


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-All M10x1.5 threaded shift levers (Primarily intended for use with Honda and Acura 6-speed gearboxes)

************************************* Features:

-Acetal outer shell stays cool to the touch even in hot weather -Mid-weight design balances shift ease and transmission feedback -Approximately 172g -Stainless steel core for extra weight compared to other plastic knobs -Lettering is epoxy filled, not printed, so it won't wear off -Engraved ACUITY logo at the base -Thread size and ACUITY logo laser etched on stainless insert

************************************* Description:
Heavy shift knobs have long been regarded as a way to improve shifter feel by many tuners. The truth is, a heavy knob simply hides slop in a worn or flawed shifter and shift linkage. ACUITY designed the ESCO with the hopes of providing a more refined shift that makes the driver feel more connected to the transmission, and ultimately the car. This was done by use of a barrel-shaped acetal outer shell and a large, stainless steel threaded core. This gives the knob a mid-weight at around 172g...about the same as an aluminum knob of a similar size. The difference between the ESCO and an aluminum knob becomes most apparent on hot summer days. The ESCO knob remains cool tot he touch on days when an aluminum knob would be scolding hot. To top it all off, ACUITY has added epoxy filled lettering to the top of the knob and an engraved logo at the knob's base. The finished appearance is simply classic, showing obvious inspiration from supercars of years gone by. For the best shifting experience, pair your ESCO knob with ACUITY's shifter linkage bushings and/or performance shifter.

Acuity Part #: 1886
UPC: 600209905719