Addictive Desert Designs 21-22 Ford Raptor HoneyBadger Front Bumper

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The HoneyBadger front bumper is known for its sharp angles and rugged style. This bumper is available with, or without a top hoop. The top of the bumper has a light mount for a 30-inch radius LED light bar. An additional 20-inch LED light bar can be mounted behind the central panel. Single 10" SR lights can be mounted behind each of the side panels.The HoneyBadger Raptor front bumper was designed to follow the body lines of the truck perfectly, while bringing a more aggressive edge to its stance. The steel is finished in a hammer black powder coat, while the aluminum panels are finished in a satin black powder coat. There are sensor holes to retain the OEM parking sensors, and sensor hole plugs are supplied if your Raptor does not have front sensors. The OEM tow hooks fit perfectly underneath the bumper.

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