aFe 18-21 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L 85mm Billet Throttle Body

aFeSKU: AFE46-39101
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Not only does our design out flow the OE by 17% at WOT (measured at 4” H2O restriction), the air flow in the 80% range of throttle blade opening is also dramatically improved, offering much smoother power delivery during spirited driving in the upper RPM range. This is achieved through careful engineering, billet construction and precision machining, allowing for smoother transitions, a thin leading edge and an aerodynamically improved design. The result of all this is more fully formed air passing through the throttle body into the intake manifold. Think of the wings of an airplane and how effortlessly the air passes around them. To address any performance concerns such as rough idling or check engine lights (CEL’s), aFe chose to use OEM electronics and gearing mechanism to ensure proper function and connectivity. Again, the 85mm throttle body does not require any custom tuning: it works well right out of the box. This is one of the simpler bolt on upgrades you can do to your car or truck. Simply loosen or remove the air intake tube and there are only 4 bolts and one electrical connector to remove. Install the BTB with the supplied hardware, re-attach your intake tube and that’s about it.

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