CivicX Solid Front Compliance Mount


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More direct and nimble

If this is what you would like from your 10th gen Civic, then find all the Abraham Lincolns you can find and put them towards the RV6P front compliance mounts.

They will introduce some noise, but that should be expected as it is a solid mount versus what Honda gave you to meet NVH standards for the common driver.

For me, a much better handling car, even if noisy, far surpasses a soft, plush vehicle. If you can live with a bit of noise, these front mounts will put a smile on your face from the increased handling and more kart-like steering feel.

Originally developed for HPD and only available to road racing teams. The RV6 solid front compliance mount was designed to remove all the slop in the front suspension, when used with our front lower control arm spherical kit. This kit is highly beneficial in road race and drag racing applications. The slop from the from the rubber OE compliance is removed allowing for precise handling and reduced wheel hop. We are now offering this to the general public. Please be aware this will make for a more harsh yet precise driving experience.


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