Cortex EBC Complete Kit - 4 Port


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The Cortex EBC Complete Kit includes everything required for a full controller installation on most vehicles. This kit is intended for those who are installing a turbo on a previously naturally aspirated engine or who require a boost control solenoid, hose, fittings, etc. for a complete installation.


Compatible with external wastegates or dual port internal wastegates.
Used to alternate pressure application between two wastegate ports.
Has reduced control accuracy and resolution compared to 3-Port BCS.
Capable of producing boost levels at least 4 times greater than wastegate spring pressure on most applications.
Extremely effective at counteracting boost taper caused by exhaust manifold back pressure without the use of CO2 or compressed air.
Can also be used in 3-port BCS configuration by plugging one of the ports.

  • Cortex EBC Device 1
  • Cortex EBC Wiring Harness 1
  • 3-Port or 4-Port BCS 1
  • 6-foot USB Mini-B Cable 1
  • 1/8 ID Silicone Vacuum Hose 10 feet
  • 3/16 ID Silicone Vacuum Hose 6 feet
  • 1/8 Hose Barb (1/8 NPT Male) 1
  • 3/16 Hose Barb (1/8 NPT Male) 3
  • 1/8 Hose Tee 1
  • 3/16 Hose Tee 2
  • 3/16 to 1/8 Hose Reducer 1
  • Zip Ties 12