Honda K-Series TPS Calibration Harness

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This product is designed to be used with the 1878 and 1879 Hall-Effect TPS we sell, but the harness can be used to calibrate any TPS that is meant for one of the following platforms:
2002-2006 ACURA RSX Base Model
2002-2005 ACURA RSX-S
2003-2005 HONDA Accord
2007-2012 HONDA CBR600 RR/RA
2007-2012 HONDA CBR1000 RR/RA
2001-2005 HONDA Civic
2002-2005 HONDA Civic Type R
1997-2001 HONDA CR-V
2003-2006 HONDA Element
2002-2006 HONDA JDM Integra Type R

TPS Calibration Made Easy:
Calibrating a TPS can be difficult when there are no exposed points to contact with a multimeter. The 1875 Calibration Jumper Harness goes between the TPS and engine wiring harness to provide convenient points to contact the Signal and Ground wires.

Acuity Part #: 1875

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