Mitsubishi MHI Stage 2 OEM Turbo Upgrade for 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R


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The new 2017+ FK8 Honda Civic Type R Stage 2 OEM Turbo Upgrade is a 100% bolt on turbo upgrade from MHI, The OEM Honda Civic Type R Turbo manufacture. This turbo delivers proven reliability and impressive power gains in a stock appearing package. Supports 560HP and unlike the other Fk8 Upgrade turbos, there is no sacrifice in spool time.

This powerful and quick spooling turbo upgrade is also supported by Hondata FlashPro tuning software and pairs greatly with Hondata's Fuel System Upgrade!

With slight modifications this turbo will also offer bolt on power gains for the 2019+ Acura RDX and 2019+ Honda Accord (Sport, EX-L & Touring 2.0T trims) Required modifications for Accord and RDX: Civic Type R or custom downpipe, Civic Type R OEM Turbo Mounting Bracket, Civic Type R OEM Turbo Gaskets, Civic Type R coolant line with adapter, or you can modify your stock coolant line.

FK8 Civic Type R Accord 2.0T and RDX Turbo Upgrade Stage 2 OEM specs, compressor map and turbine map for part number 49589-a0000 FK8