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OEM Honda PRB / Type-S Oil Pump


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When building the K24Z motors like the 9th Gen Civic Si and TSX to turn out big power and 8000+ rpms the factory oiling system becomes inefficient and problematic due to the balance shafts the OEM oil pump uses. The most common and cost-effective solution to this is swapping in the Acura RSX Type-S PRB oil pump to eliminate the balance shafts and better supply oil.

The Type S / R pump is a 1.6:1 drive vs. 2.0:1 in the balance-shaft style pumps, which means it better response and longevity throughout the RPM. The larger gerotor helps with producing pressure at lower rpm and volume at higher RPM. This pump greatly reduces parasitic drag in comparison to the balance-shaft style pumps, which in turn frees up horsepower!

We offer two services for the PRB / Type S oil pump:


When installing the PRB / Type S oil pump onto K24Z motors, the oil pump requires "notching," or clearancing. We fit the oil pump to our jig to ensure a perfectly close fit every time without grinding away the ear needed to bolt the chain tensioner on like most do, which sacrifices strength and rigidity. (Corner of main girdle must be notched, but is included in price if sent to us. If not, customer is responsible for notching the corner of his or her main girdle)