Performance Intercooler for 2016 - 2021 Honda Civic 1.5T

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This direct fit performance intercooler installs in 3 hours and reuses the stock bolts, hoses, and clamps and provides proven power gains for the 10th Gen 1.5L Turbo Civic.

Garrett direct fit performance intercoolers are engineered for increased vehicle performance while maintaining OEM fitment. Advanced CFD combined with bar and plate core technology results in lower intake temperatures that increase heat saturation point.

• Supports up to 660 HP (492 kW)
• 90% larger core than stock
• Installs in stock location
• Max increase of 17 HP (12.7 kW) and 14lb-ft (19 N-m)
• Up to 60 °F (15.6 °C) reduction in intake temp
• Cast aluminum end tanks
• Advanced offset fin design
• Bar-and-plate construction


This performance intercooler showed a max increase of up to 17 WHP (12.7 kW) and 14 lb-ft of torque (19 N-m) compared to OE during back to back dyno comparisons in a wind tunnel which generates air velocity that matches vehicle speed.


• Ambient temperature: 75 F
• 50 F intercooler outlet temperature reduction each run•Garrett intercooler heat soak temperature: 90 F after 4th run
• OE intercooler heat soak temperature: 150 F after 8 th run
• 60 F heat soak temperature reduction

Garrett Advancing Motion Honda Civic Si Intercooler
Garrett Advancing Motion Honda Civic Si Intercooler Thermal Test Results

Here is the typical temperature rise and decay of a single dyno pull on both the inlet and outlet side of the Garrett and stock Honda intercoolers.  Notice the inlet temperature rises more quickly with the Garrett intercooler, this is because there is less pressure drop restriction across the core so the turbine has to work less to create the power to drive the compressor.  Which also has to fight less to blow the charge air through the core.  This synergistic effect enables the turbo to spool faster and reach maximum boost faster, thus the inlet side of the intercooler sees a more rapid rise in temp!  With the turbine digging less into the exhaust stream to power the compressor, back pressure drops as well. These attributes cause a cascading effect that gives you more power with no negative compromises.

Note the intercooler outlet temperature.  The stock intercooler’s outlet temperature rises quite a bit over the course of a dyno pull.  The Garrett intercooler’s outlet temperature is remarkably stable.  Amazingly the Garrett intercooler’s outlet temperature hardly climbs above the ambient temperature!  Cooler intake air means a denser intake charge and more power.  It also means less thermal stress on the engine and potentially lower oxides of nitrogen emissions.  Again you are getting something for nothing.


  • CFD optimized design allows Garrett engineers to improve flow distribution through the end tanks
  • The charge air flow shown in the chart depicts air flow per passage
  • The variation is ~7% from the mean flow
2016+ Civic 1.5T / Si Performance Intercooler Download View


MAKE Honda
YEAR 2016+
TYPE 1.5L Ex, Sport, Touring / Si
WEIGHT 12.56 kg
SIZE SPECS 27.5″ x 3.5″ x 6.2″   |   698.5mm x 88.9mm x 157.5mm

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