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All-In-One Brake Kit

  • R1 GEO-Carbon Series Blank Brake Rotors: These rotors are designed for high-performance driving, and can withstand all kinds of use, whether it's everyday street driving or track racing. They're also perfect for off-roading and towing/hauling.
  • R1 CERAMIC Series Brake Pads: Made of premium ceramic materials giving you low dust and low noise.
  • R1 Hardware: Reduces noise/vibration and prevents premature pad wear.

Rotor Pattern: Blank

Position: Front and Rear

SKU: WDWH2-59031

Included in this kit: 4 Brake Rotors + 8 Brake Pads + Hardware

Recommended Vehicles: Passenger Vehicles and Light Duty Trucks

Driving Style: Daily

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