RC4 & RC6 Big Brake Kits for 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35

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AlconSKU: BKF7059ZG06
Placement: Front Brake Kit
Color: Red
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It might sound obvious, but larger, aftermarket brakes are one of the most significant changes an individual can make to their car. Bigger brakes mean greater stopping power, in turn allowing more speed to be carried into corners, ultimately leading to an upswing in driver confidence – a win-win situation. The Alcon four-piston RC4 and six-piston RC6 brake kits are perfect for those seeking to upgrade their car's braking system.

Beautifully manufactured from forged alloy, both the RC6 and RC4 calipers are works of art to behold, with exquisite engineering having been employed throughout their construction, exactly as the market has learned to expect of each Alcon product.

The design of the RC6 means that it's suitable for fitment with a wide variety of discs and it will have no problem swallowing those with a diameter between 380mm and 410mm and with a width between 34mm and 36mm. The RC4 is similar in form, albeit on a smaller scale. It can accommodate discs with a diameter between 330mm and 360mm and with thicknesses between 28mm and 32mm. The RC6 and the RC4 have been developed to give optimum braking in all conditions, hence why both feature truly massive pad areas, a not inconsiderable 117.5cm2 per pad in the case of the former, a still impressive 66.1cm2 for the latter.

While the RC4 and RC6 represent considerable jumps in terms of stopping ability for all but the most high performance of cars, they've also been optimized for both road and track use, meaning that fitting either to a road-bound car won't compromise its everyday usability. Both have been specified with internal wiper seals to keep road grime at bay, and both have been extensively tested to ensure that they have excellent Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) characteristics on all types of the road surface.

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