Stage 3 Boost Cooler EFI 2D Map Progressive Water-Methanol Injection Kit

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Snow PerformanceSKU: SNO-310
Options: Red High Temp Nylon Tubing / Quick-Connect Fittings
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The Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler brings true two dimensional mapped water-methanol injection delivery to your EFI (electronic fuel injected) and forced induction (turbocharged/supercharged) vehicle. The Stage 3 creates a two dimensional injection map based off boost and fuel injector pulse width to deliver a extremely accurate amount of water-methanol when the engine needs it most. Bringing fuel injector pulse width into the mix allows the injection curve to be extended past specific boost points for greater range/control. Non-invasive, the Stage 3 Boost Cooler controller is designed to mount on the steering column or the dash so no additional gauge pods need to be purchased and functions as a boost gauge, water-meth controller and fuel system monitor all in one! Proven to reduce the air inlet temperature by up to 100 degrees and increase octane by 25 points for maximum HP and cooling . Comes with adjustable Stage 3 water-meth controller, 1/4" High Temp Nylon line and easy to install quick-connect fittings.

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