TSP Head Stud Kit: An Update
It's no secret that the 1.5L turbocharged L-series motors are notorious for head gasket failures, especially after adding power. This has been known since the 10th generation Civic and is still prevalent today in the 11th generation Civic / 5th generation Integra. Upon discovering this problem years ago, we immediately went to work on finding a replacement for those weak, factory head bolts. Other aftermarket options were sketchy at best and definitely not an ideal solution. We know our customers work hard for their money, and we wanted to provide a high-quality, reliable product. 
Shortly thereafter, we partnered with ARP to release our TSP Head Stud Kit. With the proper-length studs made from the ARP2000 alloy, we really set the bar high for our competitors. No head stud kit should have stacked washers or giant spacers. Recently, we actually went a step further by not only including detailed installation instructions, but by upgrading the hardware in the kit, too. Why is this upgrade needed? Great question!
When torque is applied to a bolt, a large percentage of that torque is used to overcome the friction created between the underside of the bolt head and washer. Some of that torque is used to overcome the friction in the threads, and the remaining torque stretches out the bolt to the desired clamp load. If the washer and cylinder head are smooth enough, then this essentially turns the washer into a bearing and reduces the friction. This spinning can cause a failure by either stretching the bolt beyond it's strength or by pulling the threads out of the block. This is particularly a problem on modern cylinder heads that are machined so smoothly from the factory and the risk is amplified when there is oil on the surface that the stud and washer tighten against (if the cylinder head has not been completely cleaned prior to installation).
Good news! TSP’s new cat paw washers eliminate this risk and allow you to install your new head stud kit with confidence. These washers have "teeth" that bite into the cylinder head as torque is applied and eliminate that spinning. By pairing this with the included lubricant on the threads being threaded into the cylinder head, then you're set up for success. 
These new washers are being placed into all of our TSP Head Stud Kits as of late March 2024. Existing owners who have not installed the kit may purchase this upgrade separately if desired. If you have any further questions, concerns, or comments, you are more than welcome to contact us. We are eager to help you build your dream!

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