TSP is excited to announce our new partnership with One Ethanol! We are now an official dealer of their products. All sales will be for local pickup only - shipping is not currently available for these products. To place an order and/or for customer service, feel free to contact us.


About One Ethanol…

"One Ethanol’s leadership has a 25-year extensive history in the ethanol industry dating back to 1994. Our experience in the ethanol field includes process plant design, plant construction, plant management, ethanol production, lab testing, and ethanol sales as well as all aspects of ethanol powered engine testing, tuning, and racing. Our team members are involved in the entire One Ethanol production process from the moment our locally grown corn arrives at the plant, until the packaged product is loaded on truck for shipment to dealers. Ethanol is part of our families’ lives 365 days a year, and we are dedicated to educating others about the benefits of biofuels for our country and world. We are hyper-focused and relentless about making the best ethanol racing fuel on this planet. There’s only One Ethanol!"


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ethanol content percentage of this fuel?

  • The ethanol content percentage of 112-S is 85% and the ethanol content percentage of 117-R is over 85%. However, when dealing with race fuel's ... the concept of "more ethanol content is better" no longer applies. Ethanol content is important in pump ethanol because the non-ethanol portion (called "denaturant") is very low octane and is not good for performance. So, you want as little of it as possible in the fuel. Which is why people shoot for higher ethanol content when using pump ethanol. Higher percentage of ethanol means lower percentage of low-octane denaturant. But Race Ethanol uses high-quality, high-octane denaturants so the non-ethanol portion actually HELPS the fuel's ability to prevent knock, as opposed to pump ethanol where the low octane denaturants reduce the fuel's ability to prevent knock detonation. Pure 100% ethanol is better for racing than pump ethanol, but Race ethanol is even better for racing than Pure 100% ethanol.

Do One Ethanol race fuels start with a 100% pure ethanol base?

  • Yes. All One Ethanol race fuels begin with a 100% pure ethanol base. While this may sound like an obvious assumption, not all ethanol-based fuels start with 100% pure ethanol. This requires a Distilled Spirits Permit that not all ethanol plants possess. Because of the way that pure ethanol is taxed (it's drinkable), It is more cost effective to buy ethanol that has already been slightly denatured with low octane denaturants. One Ethanol does not do this. One Ethanol starts with 100% pure 200 proof ethanol and only adds their own high-octane high-quality denaturants.

What type of consistency can I expect between batches of this fuel?

  • Consistency is the main focus at One Ethanol. All of the manufacturing processes are built around controlling consistency. Samples are taken from every batch and tested for consistency before being shipped from the plant. After passing testing, every sample is stored in a fuel bank in case it is needed in the future. If there is ever a suspected case of a problem with fuel in the field, a field sample can be compared to the fuel bank sample to determine if its integrity has been compromised and how. Every batch of One Ethanol is controlled to be within the same exact specs. Consistency is critical to engine performance and health. Pump ethanol manufacturers lower ethanol content during the winter months to help cars start better in cold weather and raise it back up in the warmer summer months. Pump ethanol can vary from 70-85% ethanol content throughout the year. That means the low octane denaturant can double from 15% to 30%, which may not mean a lot to a low effort application but can mean the difference between living and dying in a max effort application. Fuel consistency is critical to the health of high effort engines.

What is the difference between the two fuel blends 112-S and 117-R?

  • The difference between these two fuel blends is in the non-ethanol portion of the fuel (called "denaturant"). 117-R contains the highest quality denaturants that are the most effective at preventing knock detonation and making horsepower. But not everyone's engine operates at a level that needs that much knock prevention.112-S uses a more affordable denaturant package that is much better than the denaturants used in pump ethanol, for people that want to run a safe fuel but don't have an engine that operates in a range of effort that would call for a 117-R denaturant. If you are struggling with the decision between 112-S and 117-R, please contact us so we can learn about your engine program and help you into the right fuel for what you are trying to do.

Is this fuel safe to use on my injectors?

  • One Ethanol fuels contain NO MTBE or Nitro, making them safe for use with all injectors.

What size containers are available?

  • Fuel can be purchased in 5-gallon pails or in 54-gallon drums.

Can I mix this fuel with Race Gas?

  • We recommend that you DO NOT mix this fuel with race gas. These fuel blends went through a lot of testing to find the perfect mix of safety and performance before being released. If it could be improved on by adding race gas, it would have been produced that way. In fact, in testing, mixing various brands of race gas with various brands of race ethanol led to an eventual separation of ingredients in the fuel that could be visually observed in a glass jar. We recommend that you DO NOT mix this fuel with race gas.

What is the shelf life of this fuel?

  • We have never seen a sealed drum of this fuel go bad from sitting so if there is a shelf life, we have not had fuel sit long enough to find it. The longest we have ever stored a drum of fuel for is 18 months. Ethanol based fuel gets used up pretty quickly. 54 gallons may sound like it will last you a long time until you start actually using it.

    **Please note, these products are available for local pickup only. We reside in Clinton, MS 39056. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., feel free to contact us via email at info@twostepperformance.com.


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