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Often times, the terms "map slot" and "map switching" can get confusing, especially if you're new to using KTuner. Hopefully this short blog will help clear up an confusion, rather than add to it.


KTuner Map Slot vs Map Switching


 What is a Map Slot?

Try to think of the term "map slot" as more of a "file slot", or the slot in which you save a tune file to. i.e. our TSP Stage 1 Tune is one file with three different performance levels/settings - Map 1, Map 2, and Map 3. 


 What is Map Switching?

"Map Switching", also referred to as "On the Fly Map Switching", are the controls that let you toggle between the performance levels/settings within whatever tune file you currently have flashed to your ECU. This is done via the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel.

Here's a link to KTuner's On the Fly Map Switching Instructions if you're not familiar.



It is certainly possible to save different tune files to different map slots (file slots) on the KTuner device itself. The KTuner V2 has about 5-6 slots to choose from. However, using the map switching controls will not let you switch between file 1 and file 2, etc. etc.

For example, you have a KTuner starter map saved to map slot 1 and would like to access your TSP Stage 1 Tune which is saved to map slot 2. You will need to reflash the ECU from map slot 2 on the device, the on the fly map switching controls will not get you there.


Our Two Cents

This is just one person's opinion to another, but Derek has designed our TSP Stage Tunes so that customers can virtually flash once and never have to touch it again (with the exception of maybe being stock for inspection/emission tests). If you're the kind of person that would prefer a "one and done" without having to worry about remembering which tune is saved to which slot on the device, then our TSP Stage Tunes are probably for you.

Derek has our tunes set up to where Map 1 is factory equivalent boost, Map 2 is slightly increased performance (similar to some of the KTuner starter maps), and Map 3 is "Max Power Mode". In theory, all you'd have to do is switch between those 3 maps depending on what type of drive you're looking to accomplish. However, this is completely subjective to your goals, preferences, etc.


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