We are excited to share that the latest version of the KTuner software is now allowing adjustment of throttle responsiveness and throttle padding for our TSP Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes for the 2017+ Civic Si. (more support coming as KTuner updates other software versions, please be patient, the 10th gen Civic models have dozens and dozens of them!) 

Throttle responsiveness: (Per KTuner) - "The Throttle Responsiveness options give multiple levels of alterations over the factory throttle response. Each level titled "Improved" is more aggressive. There's also a less aggressive option geared toward eco."

** This setting allows you to adjust how sensitive your throttle is. While some enjoy the aggressive nature of the Improved II setting that our TSP tunes default to, this allows any users that would prefer a more toned down response to select an option that better suites their driving style.

Throttle padding: (Per KTuner) - "Throttle Padding is available on Manual Transmission vehicles and should be used in conjunction with the Disable Rev Hang Quick Enable. This allows extra padding since without rev hang the transition from decel back into normal operation can be more aggressive. There are multiple levels of padding to accommodate any driving style."

** The TSP tunes default to "Standard" throttle padding, which gives you a more old school feel. KTuner also offers "Medium" and "Soft" padding options that smooth things out a bit and offer a smoother and closer to factory feel without keeping rev hang around. There is no wrong setting here, it just depends on your personal preferences. Now you have the power to choose.

How do I get access to these settings?: All you have to do is download and install the latest file version from KTuner, (or newer): https://ktuner.com/downloads/

Once you install the new software from KTuner and open our TSP Stage 1 Si tune, you will find the new options available. You will not require a new file from TSP and no additional purchase is required.

** Special thanks to the team at KTuner for helping us make this happen. We are happy to offer these options to our customers **



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