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This upgrade consists of hardware and software components designed to deliver 24% more fuel flow over the stock fuel system. It enables the Civic Type R to take the next logical step for a reliable, well engineered easy to install and thoroughly tested power increase.

• High flow direct injection fuel pump
• High flow ethanol rated in-tank low pressure fuel pump
• High flow high pressure fuel line
• High flow fuel injectors
• Low pressure fuel line
• Precision Hondata FlashPro software control
• Starting calibrations.

This kit is a plug and play direct bolt on using the stock fuel system. Everything can be returned to stock.

The Hondata fuel system has been tested on multiple vehicles for over a year and thousands of daily driven miles. Multiple calibrations are included starting with an increase of 90 lb-ft torque and 57 hp over stock with intercooler and high flow cat. On a vehicle with a turbo upgrade we have tested to well over 500hp.

Do I need a FlashPro?
What vehicles does this cover?
The FK8 Civic Type R.
What calibrations will FlashPro Manager come with?
All existing calibrations support the new fuel system. There are a number of starting calibrations tuned for an intercooler and downpipe.
Was this testing done with built engines?
No. All test vehicles had stock blocks and heads.
Are all the parts necessary?
Are the parts available separately?
How long does it take to install this kit?
4 hours to 1 day depending on experience and tools
Can I return it to stock?
Do I need any special tools?
Yes, Honda tool 07AAA-TBAA100 to remove the intall pump securing ring.

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