Exhaust Upgrades: Sound, Performance, and More!
Honda has done extensive research on the Civic exhaust systems, so you have to wonder if the exhaust systems can be any better than OEM. Factory exhaust systems have to find a balance between sound level, exhaust note, fuel economy, and emissions. It’s a delicate balance to meet government mandates and still cater to the enthusiasts who spend their money on new or used Civics.
5 Key Focal Areas for Aftermarket Exhaust Systems
Aftermarket exhaust systems are available for all generations of Honda Civics, and they focus on 5 key areas of improvement: efficient exhaust flow, better sound, increased horsepower, improved fuel economy, and higher quality materials.

Improving Exhaust Flow
With a balance between sound, emissions, and fuel economy, the trade-off is usually the exhaust flow. It’s typically restricted from the engine cylinder head to the back of the car to reduce sound level and exhaust pipe emissions. Adding an aftermarket exhaust can improve the exhaust flow and remove the restrictions placed in the exhaust system while still maintaining the other attributes needed to pass inspections and testing.

Improving the Sound Quality of the Exhaust
How many times have you seen a new Honda Civic and thought the exhaust note was too quiet? The Civic is intended to be more of a commuter car rather than an enthusiast model unless you step up to the Type R. Adding an aftermarket exhaust to your Civic, even if you have the Type R, can improve the sound of your Civic exhaust.

Adding More Horsepower
We haven’t met many people who thought a few extra horsepower wasn’t a good idea. An aftermarket exhaust can add extra horsepower to your Civic while still keeping the civility to drive your car across town or the country. A better exhaust system can also prepare your Civic to make extra horsepower and torque with more modifications later on.

Increase Your Fuel Mileage
Can aftermarket exhaust increase your fuel mileage? Absolutely! A new exhaust system can free up horsepower and torque, give a better sound, and increase your fuel mileage due to less restriction in the system. Specialized exhaust will also reduce the weight of the exhaust system, which makes your engine work less to drive the car around. In the city it may be a few percent increase, but on the highway, you could see a 2-3 miles per gallon increase. That can add up to dollars in your pocket.

Go With Better Materials
OEM exhaust systems are typically made with low cost in mind. That can include basic steel for component construction and ease of manufacturing. It rarely takes into account a higher-cost, low-weight material such as aluminum, titanium, or a better-performing material than carbon steel. Aftermarket exhaust can reduce weight through better material selection. It can also be better at corrosion prevention with a better and longer-lasting material. Choosing to upgrade to a better material can improve sound, decrease weight, increase fuel mileage, and last longer than the OEM exhaust system.

What Exhaust System Options Are Available for the Honda Civic?
There are four main options of aftermarket exhaust products on the market:

  • Downpipe + Catalytic Converter: The downpipe directly attaches to a turbocharger and includes the catalytic converter. Replacing it as a first step has a significant positive effect on the performance of your Civic. It can be installed as part of a package for the complete exhaust system, or as a stand-alone item, like our TSP High Efficiency Downpipe, but it should be the first exhaust modification you make to ensure the system is capable of meeting your end goal.
  • Front Pipe & Mid-Pipe: The front pipe or mid-pipe replaces the middle section of your exhaust system. It will continue to add improvement with sound, fuel economy, and performance and it can be paired with a new downpipe.
  • Replacement Mufflers: If you want a better sound with performance improvement, adding a new cat-back system or replacement mufflers may be the perfect option. This will replace the rear section of your exhaust and can give your car a new personality.
  • Complete Exhaust Systems: A complete system replaces all components in the exhaust system. It can improve sound quality, fuel mileage, and performance, and will offer the maximum benefit for future upgrades.
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