Modifying Your Newer Generation Honda Civic 2.0L Engine

Many enthusiasts opt to purchase the 2016+ Honda Civic featuring the 2.0-liter, naturally aspirated K20C2 engine for its entry-level affordability and its reliability. Whether the engine is in a sedan, coupe, or hatchback model, it's a good option to meet basic travel needs; but many enthusiasts want a little more performance than the 158-horsepower from factory. We’ve put together a list of the aftermarket performance options available through Two Step Performance to extract a little more power from your 2.0L NA Honda Civic.

Your engine needs fuel, air, and a spark to convert gasoline into power. Adding more of one item is good, but only if it’s balanced with changes to the other items if necessary. The first item we recommend changing on your Civic is the intake system and air filter. PRL Motorsports offers a complete high-volume intake system that includes a 4" oiled cone air filter and 1-piece High Volume MAF housing to allow maximum airflow. The HDPE (high-density polyethylene) rotomolded air box utilizes the factory air guide + seal for optimal airflow and heat-soak reduction. This housing allows you to access the air filter for maintenance without removing the airbox. This system doesn’t require a new ECU calibration, works with the Honda Sensing package, and will fit all 2016+ and 2022+ Civic variants such as right-hand drive, CVT transmission, and international models. It will add a little horsepower, help deliver proper fuel trims, and those sought after intake sounds without breaking the bank.



 The next upgrade you want to consider is increasing the exhaust flow. TSP offers a Catted Downpipe Upgrade for the 2016+ Civic 2.0L N/A made by RV6 Performance. It features a tig-welded stainless-steel tube with an incorporated catalytic converter to replace the highly restrictive unit found on your car from Honda. Adding this downpipe upgrade will increase exhaust gas flow from the engine and prepare your car for more power if you’re seeking more. This component is listed as off-road only, so be sure to check with your local county or state regulations if it can be legally added without issues. Further down in the exhaust, you can pair the upgraded downpipe with a catback exhaust system for better performance and appearance. ARK Performance is one of the featured manufacturers TSP carries and their catback system adds performance and torque with a little extra growl for your daily commute.


Once you have more air going in, and a less restrictive exhaust going out, it may be time to think about adding a better ECU calibration via a KTuner V1.2 or V2 Tuning Package. The KTuner V1.2 package offers an ECU calibration (i.e. tune) that increases horsepower and throttle response, and best of all it doesn’t erase the basic calibration from Honda. The new calibration can be reverted to the original settings if you choose to sell the car in the future. The KTuner V2 package is similar to the V1.2 package but includes a 5” touchscreen display and mount. The touch screen offers a Real-Time data display with multiple layouts, an easy-to-navigate menu system for settings, direct viewing of data logging without the need for a laptop, and 5 programmable LEDs (RGB) for shift lights, warnings, etc.



These three basic areas are the first we recommend you consider for your newer Honda Civic 2.0-liter engine. Each upgrade will add better performance with additional horsepower and torque. Beyond power, don’t forget that Two Step Performance can also help with a better braking system, suspension upgrades, and unique styling options for your Honda Civic in our catalog

Two Step Performance was founded in 2017, preceded by a lifelong passion for modifying and driving turbocharged imports. We began with a small assortment of handpicked brands that we have personally used and believed in. As the company and the community around us have grown, we have continued to add carefully selected product lines to our catalog. In addition to offering brands that you already know and trust, one of our favorite things to do is to identify innovative new products and emerging brands and add them to our catalog as well. We only sell products that we believe in. We also take great pride in offering the best experience to our customers every step of the way. If we can help answer questions on your next build, give us a shout on our contact page.

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