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Cobra Street

The sound effect of this mod is very tasteful...even your passengers will love it. Happy I went with this option.

oil pump gears

amazing product


Another great experience purchasing from Two Step Performance. The catted down pipe will wake up your car, sound and performance. You aren’t going to feel the hp or tq, but car seems to breath is the best way I can explain it.

Fitment is better than OEM, fits like a glove.

The quality of the product is top notch, you will not be disappointed. Welds look perfect! Does not feel cheap or flimsy, very solid piece.

Install is easy if you have a lift, but it can be done on jack stands. I did the install without removing the Turbo Inlet pipe. Once the car has cooled down make sure to soak the down pipe bolts and nuts with Wd-40, several times.

I’d buy the Rv6 catted down-pipe again and I’d recommend it to anyone with a 10th gen civic.

Completely different Car

Fk7, upgraded OEM type r shifter, paired with the acuity base bushings and centering spring. Wow! Feels like a completely different car! Smooth quick shifts. Acuity install video on YouTube is excellent, use it. Two Step always with the great customer service and speedy shipping.

PRL Intercooler kit for 2019 Honda Civic Type R

I love the PRL Intercooler I bought from you guys. I'm very satisfied on the product. Thank you guys for giving me a good deal. I am very happy.


Excellent Product! Great performance, easy install, and quick shipping from the people at Two Step Performance. If you haven’t already added the Mishimoto charge pipes to your build, I would highly recommend doing so. Great complement to the Mishimoto Intercooler TSP has as well!

Absolutely love it

The best thing I have picked up for my car to date and TSP customer service although it’s by email they are on it love it 👍🏾👍🏾

Ktuner + TSP Stage 1 Should Be Your First performance mod

Listen this is TSP Tune is amazing. Even in Map 1 the car feels so much better, you can tell there is a huge difference in how the car pulls. As it relates to Map 2 & 3 all mind blowing. I now have a new car all over again. I’m very impressed and will recommend this many times over. Plus the really great service from the Two Step team(reliable). I really can believe how much different the car feels.

Ignition Coil Covers for 2016+ Honda Accord Civic CRV 1.5T

Ktuner v1.2 +tsp tune

Oustanding product! I got real surprise how fast my car is now . Great job to two step performance.

Fixes Camber Issues with Sport Springs

Definitely had to buy these after going for the Sport Kit. Now my wheels aren't splayed all wonky :)

Non-Performance Upgrade

Don't buy this expecting to add any ponies. This is to help ensure oil "blowby" does not get kicked up into some air only systems. So fixes an oversight by Honda's engineers. No way to know quite how effective it is, but if you drive hard this should help engine longevity.

Aggressive Stance

These really make the Civic X look a lot more aggressive. The entire chassis is much stiffer now. Just beware this kit it a more extreme drop than the pro kit. If your roads are pot hole heavy- beware!


Very easy install. Lets you really hear the turbo spool. Make sure to run a tune to really get the best bang for your buck!

Great sounds

Installed this along with an AWE Touring exhaust. the L15B really doesn't make a lot of sounds.... Until you let it breathe!! It's been running beautifully for half a year at this point.

Great product

Woke up my car. Best tune I’ve had thus far

62a is perfect

Just installed this RMM on my Civic Si, and it's a perfect balance between NVH and performance. I'm sure it will get even better as it breaks in.

Acuity oil cap

Very nice, quality piece that dresser up the engine bay! Would’ve been 5 stars if not for allowing the USPS to ship product.

Poor Quality Control

Disappointed in the lack of quality control on a $800+ part. The intercooler came with a noticeable dent on the front which in turn bent some of the cooling fins on the radiator. The box had no signs of damage from mishandling so the intercooler must have been packaged from PRL with the damage present; it’s pretty hard to miss. Took about a month to receive the intercooler and charge pipes which I’m perfectly fine with considering the pandemic and such.

Acuity throttle pedal spacer

If you want to improve your driving skills with your 10th Gen civic, I highly recommend any acuity parts! I installed the pedal spacer and put it on position C and the feel of the gas pedal is sooo much better just by me putting my foot on it and driving. The pedal is closer than stock and a little closer to the brakes so it’s easier to heel toe downshift. 10/10 would recommend for even just better driving ergonomics!

Fast Turn Around

I submitted my order on Saturday (the day after Christmas) and I had the file on Monday by lunch time. Pretty good turn around considering TSP is closed on the weekends and it was right after Christmas! Love Two Step and I will continue ordering from them

Great Purchase

Great product gives you more enjoyment in your shifts not to have the car jerking and bucking, now the car shifts smoothly the way it should have came from factory very noticeable at low speeds in traffic love it. I went with the 62A I think its perfect little vibration is the only down fall you mostly feel it when you start the car or when your going real slow but once you break it in the vibration gets less noticeable. A rear motor mount is a must have in my opinion specially if your going for power.


I purchased the 62a version. Currently, this is the best street rear motor mount available. This part eliminates the main issues with the stock motor mount and a manual transmission, but the vibration at a lower rpm is minimal so it's great for daily driving. I would use another mount for track use as this version does offer less feedback, but for daily driving, you can't beat it.

The best experience

I received exactly what I ordered and works amazing. Very happy, will definitely refer my friends.