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As both horsepower and torque increase on your turbocharged Civic, the battle for traction - to get that power to the pavement - becomes increasingly difficult.

All the power your 11th gen Honda Civic generates is sent through the transaxle, wheels, and tires to get the car rolling forward. The rear engine mount (RMM) along with the two side mounts help keep the engine in the right place while also providing a smooth and comfortable ride. While the stock mount is okay at OEM power levels, the amount of engine movement the OEM mounts allow becomes undesirable with the extra juice that comes with power upgrades.

Upgrading to an aftermarket RMM is a great way to reduce wheel hop (the tendency for the wheels to lift off the ground under hard acceleration and driving) and thus improve traction. Power is worthless if you can't get it to the ground and the 27WON RMM is the solution.

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The key to the 27WON RMM is the use of only one polyurethane mounting point versus the typical two. This may seem counter intuitive to what you are familiar with, but this is not without reason.

The mounting location of the motor mount has a primary motion and secondary motion.

    • Primary = rotational
    • Secondary = up/down

The poly mounting point on the engine side reduces the primary rotational movement of the engine while still allowing some amount of movement due to the polyurethane compressing under load.

The fixed mounting spot connected to the sub-frame gets rid of the up/down motion that the engine follows while the motor rotates. This gets rid of the associated secondary vibration and thus reduces noise, vibration, and harshness. Check out the blog below from our 10th gen development for more details.

In designing a new mount for the 11th gen we evaluated the materials used in its construction. For the metal collar we went with a 303 stainless steel sleeve due to its high corrosion resistance. The body is crafted from 6061 Aluminum for strength and integrity.

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Anywhere in the build-out of your Civic that we can reduce weight we do. Our 11th gen RMM is both strong and light utilizing an I-Beam construction. This is a design feature you see in high-performance connecting rods. Our billet design increases strength without adding unnecessary weight under your ride. Compared to OEM, the 27WON unit shaves off 8 ounces.

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Civic Si and other manual transmission owners have the choice to pick from 70a Street or 90a Race polyurethane for their RMM. The 70a Street is the perfect compromise of on road performance with slightly increased NVH. For those wanting out-right traction with zero wheel hop and can give up some comfort, the 90a race offers the best performance and is the choice for you. With either option, you are going to see lap times go down as your car grips.

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For our 2022 Civic EX equipped with a CVT, we tested many different polyurethane durometers. We recommend 60A level hardness for the CVT due to its balance of increased performance without adding too much Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH).

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Noise, Vibration, & Harshness (NVH) is an evaluation of the various irritants that can be transmitted through the vehicle into the cabin and directly to the driver and passengers. OEM engineers and designers spend countless hours reducing/eliminating NVH from vehicles, however, this sometimes comes with a compromise in performance and driver feedback. Not all NVH is created equal, a OEM designer may consider exhaust noise to be unwanted NVH, whereas a performance enthusiast may consider it the desired sound.

At 27WON when designing performance parts that may affect the vehicle's NVH we strive to find the right balance of performance improvement and NVH increase. Ideally, we are able to create a performance part that does not affect NVH, but that is not always the case. Examples are exhaust systems, clutch kits, engine mounts, suspension components…etc.

With the addition of a 27WON performance engine mount increased NVH will be an inherent part of the upgrade. While we do our absolute best to deliver a mount that works great and feels amazing some customers may find the higher levels of NVH to be too great. It is our guarantee that 100% of customers will love this mount. If for any reason you have any concerns with the mount simply reach out to us and our team will be sure to find a solution that works for you.

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  • CVT Owners driving in "S" transmission mode instead of "D" will reduce overall NVH
  • Removal of aftermarket front pipes required for install

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