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10th Gen Honda Civic Throttle Pedal Spacer Kit


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LBP (Waterford, US)

Dead-simple to install, although the working space is a bit cramped. Great upgrade! Definitely try out all three positions to see which you prefer. Swapping between them only takes a couple of minutes. Despite the purported performance driving benefits such as improving ease of heel-toe, I've found that a increased comfort level to be my favorite aspect of this spacer. Additionally, by bringing the accelerator closer to the driver, it's provided a sort of illusion of improved throttle response. I say illusion because I'm so used to the factory position - what used to be a 1/4 throttle press is now roughly a 1/2 throttle press. Immediately familiar and simple to acclimate to, but definitely more exciting, at least at first.

@civicxvs (Roanoke, US)

10th Gen Honda Civic Throttle Pedal Spacer Kit

T money (Brookline, US)
Acuity throttle pedal spacer

If you want to improve your driving skills with your 10th Gen civic, I highly recommend any acuity parts! I installed the pedal spacer and put it on position C and the feel of the gas pedal is sooo much better just by me putting my foot on it and driving. The pedal is closer than stock and a little closer to the brakes so it’s easier to heel toe downshift. 10/10 would recommend for even just better driving ergonomics!

Anthony Tang (@tangarangs) (Hillsboro, US)

It Can be hard for a taller or bigger person to get under the foot/steering wheel area. but other than that easy to install (only a few bolts). Drivetrain is fantastic and I can finally heel toe :)

Nicholas (Tampa, US)
Two step

Full adjustability. Can set it to where its most comfortable.

Thomas (Burlingame, US)
Super useful for spacing

Installed this the other day, it makes a huge difference in pedal distance to driver. Makes heel-toe way easier

2012-2020 Honda Civic (Does not fit RHD vehicles)
2012-2020 Honda Civic Si (Does not fit RHD vehicles)
2017+ Honda Civic Type R (Does not fit RHD vehicles)
2014-2017 Honda Fit (Does not fit RHD vehicles)


-Billet Aluminum, 6061-T6 construction
-Includes high-strength, class 10.9 hardware
-Allows 3 different throttle pedal positions for better alignment with brake pedal


But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to hell/toe in one. Anyone that has take a Civic or other Honda/Acura to the track can tell you that the default pedal positions make using a heel-toe technique incredibly difficult, if not impossible. The solution? Move the throttle pedal toward the driver, better aligning the brake and accelerator pedals. The ACUITY Throttle Pedal Spacer (or more technically, Accelerator Pedal Relocation Bracket), helps resolve this problem by providing three unique new positions for your accelerator pedal. In addition to moving the pedal toward the driver, the ACUITY Throttle Pedal Spacer allows you to move the pedals closer together, laterally, to aid drivers with narrow feet.

The ACUITY Throttle Pedal Spacer allows the driver to select one of 3 possible non-stock pedal locations. Each location provides a slightly different driving feel. We recommend trying them all to find what suits you best. Below is a brief description of each position.
Position A moves the throttle pedal closest to the driver
Position B is slightly further from the driver than Position A and slightly closer tot he brake pedal, laterally
Position C is furthest from the driver (still much closer than stock) and also moves the accelerator pedal closer to the brake pedal, laterally, like Position B

Acuity Part #: 1919


UPC: 600209905559