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Titanium outer shell and boot collar feature a stunning burnt brushed finish that fades from gold to purple to blue -Titanium is 65% denser, has 95% lower thermal conductivity, and has 40% lower heat capacity when compared to aluminum, making Titanium knobs more forgiving in climates with harsh temperatures and providing a more weighted feel when compared to aluminum knob -When installed, the POCO knob is positioned about 3mm (0.12 in) taller than the threads on the shifter and typically reduces shift throw by 5%-10% compared to most other knobs -Detachable titanium boot collar for seamless integration with your shift boot of choice 



With its low-profile, reduced shift throw, clean shift boot integration, and stunning burnt titanium finish, the POCO-Ti makes for an excellent driving experience. While some might view a titanium shift knob as an aesthetic choice, titanium is 65% denser, has 95% lower thermal conductivity, and has 40% lower heat capacity when compared to aluminum, making it an ideal material for a premium metal shift knob. Countersunk knobs are a popular way to achieve shorter shift throws and reduced knob height without modifying the shifter itself, but most countersunk knobs don't integrate well with the shift boot, leaving the shift boot to sag and the shift lever exposed. ACUiTY's POCO knob resolves this problem with its low height and built-in shift boot collar, the combination of which permits a very low shift knob height combined with a clean-fitting shift boot. What to Expect: ACUiTY's POCO knobs sit low, much lower than most stock and aftermarket knobs. Most knobs sit around 25mm (1 inch) or higher above the top of the actual shift lever. The POCO sits only 3-4mm taller than the top of the shift lever when mounted. The POCO's low profile means shifts will feel shorter and firmer with throws typically 5%-10% shorter than compared to non-countersunk knobs. The POCO is one of the most well-integrated countersunk knobs available with its built-in shift boot collar that easily clips into the knob for that perfect finished appearance. The POCO-Ti builds on its aluminum predecessor by combining a burnt titanium outer shell with a stainless steel core to deliver a weighted knob that will feel less hot or cold in extreme temperatures while delivering a more weighted shift feel. While an insulated knob is the most forgiving in harsh climates, titanium is more forgiving than aluminum and has a more weighted feel than an aluminum or insulated knob. How it Works: The POCO-Ti's titanium boot collar is affixed to the shift boot using a low-profile cable tie (3 are supplied with each kit); the knob threads down on the shift lever until it stops. Once both parts are installed, the shift boot collar clips into the shift knob, and installation is complete. Materials and Finish: Each POCO-Ti features a heavy, stainless steel inner core and a titanium outer shell in a tasteful, hand-brushed, burnt finish that fades from gold to purple to blue. The shift boot collar is also titanium and features a burnt finish in gold. An elastomer ring in the knob provides the collar retention feature, similar to ACUiTY's very popular 1924 shift boot collars. All lettering is laser-etched for durability in a burnt blue color.

Package Contents

(1) POCO-Ti Shift Knob
(1) Titanium Shift Boot Collar
(3) Lay-Flat Cable Ties

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