January, 2023


Jake Fleischer // 42 // Glenshaw, PA // @_hondaddict_


This car was not for sale but was parked at a house close to where I live. I left notes to have them call me if they wanted to sell it. They never called. One day, I saw someone in the yard, so I pulled in. He eventually agreed to sell me the car. It only has 42,000 original miles. I don’t ever leave a vehicle I own alone. It started as just a suspension and chassis refresh, but I quickly decided I wanted to redo the whole car. There are only a few bolts left that I haven’t touched. Everything else has been replaced or reconditioned. I did everything myself in my single bay garage except for laying down the paint and clear coat on the engine bay, fabbing the exhaust, and the dyno tune.


Current Modifications List

Full chassis & suspension replacement:
- Hardened bushings
- TruHart adjustable rear camber arms
- TruHart adjustable rear toe arms
- TruHart lower control arms
- DC Sports front and rear upper strut bars
- Ground Control sleeves with Koni Yellow shocks
- Progress rear subframe brace and rear sway bar
- KTtuned upper control arms
- KTuned lower control arms
- TruHart compliance bushings
- New OEM front sway bar bushings

K swap:
- Partially shaved engine bay
- Tucked chassis
- K20A2 with matching trans
- 65k miles on the drivetrain
- MFactory LSD
- 4.7 final drive
- Skunk2 Ultra Street intake manifold
- Hybrid Racing CAI
- Hybrid Racing fuel lines, rail, FPR
- Radium fuel filter
- Manual steering rack
- HASport mounts
- Deutschwerks 650 injectors
- Deutschwerks DW340 fuel pump hardwired
- CSF K swap full radiator
- Custom made tucked engine harness
- Hybrid racing conversion harness
- PRB ECU with Hondata KPro v4
- Skunk2 Alpha header
- Full 3” v banded exhaust
- Vibrant bottle resonator
- Ktuned turndown muffler
- Hybrid Racing no cut shifter cable inserts, and detent springs
- Acuity cable bushings

1. SSR GTV02s 15x7 +35 on Continental ECS 205/50/15
2. Konig Hypergrams 15x7.5 +35 on Falken Azenis RT660 225/45/15

I have some dash gauges to put in that will be mounted in the radio position. JDI ghost box. I am also having the whole body redone. Dent repair, a few small rust spots needing repaired, and the whole body will be stripped down and painted the same color but in base coat/clear coat. I also have all new OEM trim that will go on after the paint is done.

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Driving the car after it was K swapped and dyno tuned is something I won’t forget. My favorite memory was feeling how it drives after it was K powered. I got it together right before winter, so I haven’t had a ton of time to enjoy it yet. I enjoy the build process. You are never really done with it. There is always something else that you want to change or do. That is what makes it fun. I just try to take my time, learn what I can, and have fun doing it. I am a big planner, so I haven’t really had any setbacks. I bought the car in May 2020. I had a setback waiting on parts during COVID. That is what kept me from getting it together initially with the chassis refresh. When I decided to K swap, I collected parts for about a year, then I started the K swap in January 2022 and had it dyno tuned in November 2022.


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Mike Normand

Mike Normand

Great write up Jake. TSP was pretty cool to give you this opportunity. I was able to follow your build from start to finish and I can say this is one of the best “budget” build K swaps I’ve seen. It came out very clean. These pictures don’t do the car full justice in my opinion.

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