July, 2022


 Matthew Woodward  ||  26  ||  Norway, Maine  ||  @kshawn207



"So, what really got me going on this platform started back in early 2016. KTuner posted about needing testers, for the new 10th gens, and I had just bought one. At the time I was just getting into the hobby, and it seemed pretty cool! I continued in that program for about 3 years, helping test a bunch of different aftermarket parts and new KTuner features. For me, the 10th gen platform was a nice, stock turbo car to have fun with and still get good gas mileage. Which is how I ended up with the Civic. Now that's kinda evolved. My Civic is no longer daily friendly or my daily driver. I'm on my 3rd engine (1 was stock, 2 was a TSP block, 3, is a new TSP block). I'm also on my second transmission.."


"Sooo...the first block was stock. I was running around 35psi from a GTX2860R turbo. It broke a rod, and the piston did a flip through the engine. The second was a TSP first! Unfortunately, the oil pump failed, and no built engine was going to survive that. So, I'm on my 3rd. This time with an upgraded oil pump as well. [As for the stock transmission], 4th gear exploded getting onto the highway. At the time I replaced it with another stock transmission. But now with my engine out, CAPTS is sending me a custom cut, 1-6 gearset."


Vehicle Specs & Modifications
Custom Calibration (476hp/372tq)
Brian Crower Titanium Springs/Retainers in the head
Deck ringed by TSP
PRL Turbo kit v1, GTX2867R
4port M1 meth injection and flex fuel 
Cortex boost controller/meth controller
Custom 3" exhaust, turbo->back
Eman SI Fuel System
Eman Retrofit Flywheel
SiriMoto Front Strut Bar
Motegi Wheels (18x9.5 +45)
Falken RT615K (265/35/R18)



"My favorite memory [with this car] has to be a cruise I did with my car group through the Kank highway in New Hampshire. A fun day of driving and nothing breaking, haha. My least favorite memory would be this recent failure and having to take almost a full year to rebuild it. Finding a flaw in the transmission gears and having to wait another 14 weeks for a new set to be cut was a big setback..."

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