August, 2022


Michael Lamia || 24 || Pittsburgh, PA || @soniccsi

"Before I bought this car, I had a 2011 Kia Optima 2.0T, 1998 Chevrolet Camaro, and a 1980 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. I wanted a fun, reliable, manual car. I didn't plan to buy new, but the used car market was terrible, so I'm happy with what I got. I was just so happy to drive this new car off the lot - as happy as a 10-year-old on field day, haha. The gearbox in the 11th Gen Si is phenomenal and just snaps into gear; definitely the best you can get for the new Si price. The downfall is the weak [stock] clutch ...definitely not the best. The clutch is very weak in these cars, especially when compared to the stock Type R. I wanted to start modifying this car to draw a little more power, and I honestly just like seeing what the potential is. I installed the modifications myself - it's a lot cheaper and honestly fun to learn. I'm used to old muscle cars, so trying on the new stuff is definitely a learning process, but I like it."


"So far, I've installed a PRL Stage 1 Intake, PRL Resonator Delete Kit, and a KTuner with a TSP Stage 1 Tune. My favorite modification so far has to be the TSP Stage 1 Tune. It definitely woke the car up. Map 2 is the best, just switch it into Sport mode to get some more boost! I plan to go full bolt-on this winter; I can't wait! I'm planning on getting a down pipe, front pipe, high volume intake, intercooler, and a TSP tune!"


Current Modifications List

"I've had a blast since day one with this car. I can't think of any bad experiences with it. The only sort of downside is having to wait for my oil. I ordered the Honda specific oil and filter through PRL, but the wait was worth it. Speaking of PRL, I actually live 20 minutes away from their warehouse, and they gave me a full tour of the place! I saw how everything was made too, and it was a super cool experience. One of my favorite memories with this car is when I raced an 8th gen Si. Not only was I the only 11th gen at that car meet, but I was the only 11th gen Si. I remember talking to him and his buddies a few weeks before we raced, and they were so sure that his 8th gen would smoke mine. Well, the YouTube video shows that turnout a lot differently!"



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