Which Clutch Kit is the Best for My 1.5T Civic?

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Honda 1.5T platform is the factory clutch that is not capable of holding much power beyond stock power levels. If you’ve wanted to add more power to your 2016+ Honda Civic along with the clutch to back it up, but don’t want to feel like you must hit the gym for leg day, Two Step Performance has a clutch that’s easy to use and can hold higher power levels.


The Search for More Honda Civic Power

The 2016+ Honda Civic has multiple upgrade options for the engine and transmission, but one of the most popular combinations is the 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The turbocharged engine produces 180-horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque, which is a good starting point for modifications.

To add more horsepower to your turbocharged Honda Civic, there are many options for larger turbochargers and front-mount intercoolers. The factory clutch will accommodate a small amount of extra horsepower, but if you plan to add significantly more power, the clutch assembly will need to be replaced. If you’re looking to keep the factory Civic feel of the clutch, but need to hold significantly more power, the RV6 1.5T FK8 Clutch Retro Flywheel is the foundation to have your cake and eat it too.


Adding the RV6 FK8 Retro Flywheel

The RV6 FK8 clutch retrofit flywheel allows you to run Type R style clutch disc and pressure plate combinations in your 1.5L turbocharged Honda Civic. This includes the OEM 2017+ Civic Type R (FK8) clutch disc and pressure plate that can hold over 400 lb-ft of torque and they are available from any Honda dealer. This is a great option for those that want to upgrade without the need of a leg workout. This flywheel also allows you to run any of the plethora of upgraded aftermarket FK8 clutches and pressure plates for those looking to push the limits.


An additional benefit of the RV6 FK8 retro flywheel is it only weighs 20.5 pounds. That’s 42% lighter than the OEM Honda flywheel, which gives it a factory feel without the worry of it tripping the misfire detection within the ECU or throwing an error code that will never allow you to pass vehicle inspections. The weight was specifically targeted to keep inertia at lower RPMs and prevent stalling or hard launches. The main goal of this setup is to hold power without sacrificing comfort or drivability.


The main features of the RV6 FK8 Retro Flywheel include:

-          Made from high strength forged chromoly steel

-          Allows you to run any factory or aftermarket FK8 clutch and pressure plate combination

-          Retains pilot bushing for input shaft.

-          42% lighter than factory flywheel

-          Fully machined and balanced

-          All hardware included in the kit


You will need to pair this flywheel with a 1.5T Civic release ("throw-out") bearing for proper engagement. Be sure to mount the pressure plate to the flywheel using FK8 style bolts. These are typically included with most clutch kits. All necessary hardware comes with the Retro Flywheel + Exedy Clutch Kit combos.


Which FK8 Clutch Disc is Best for My Application?

Two Step Performance offers three different FK8 clutch discs depending on the amount of torque your engine combination will produce:

  •         Stage 0 – This has the factory FK8 Clutch feel that will hold 400 lb-ft of torque. We recommend this for 99.99% of customers. Unless you have a VERY extreme build, you are not going to need more than this.
  •         Stage 1 – This also has a factory FK8 clutch feel and can hold 430 lb-ft of torque. This clutch kit does hold more power, but please note the shifting feel is not as nice as the Stage 0 kit, especially at high RPMs.
  •         Stage 2 – This is the top upgraded FK8 clutch kit with stiffer springs and a three-puck friction disc. It can hold 460 lb-ft of torque. This clutch kit can hold even more power and torque, but please note the shifting feel is not as nice as the Stage 0 kit, especially at high RPMs.


Each clutch kit Includes an FK8 Pressure Plate, an FK8 Friction Disc, a 1.5T Clutch Alignment Tool, six Pressure Plate Bolts, one pack of lube, and an OEM 1.5T release (aka throw-out) bearing. 


Two Step Performance was founded in 2017, preceded by a lifelong passion of modifying and driving turbocharged imports. We began with a small assortment of handpicked brands that we personally used and believed in. As the company and the community around us have grown, we have continued to add carefully selected product lines to our catalog. In addition to offering brands that you already know and trust, one of our favorite things to do is to identify innovative new products and emerging brands and add them to our catalog as well. We only sell products that we believe in. We also take great pride in offering the best experience to our customers every step of the way. If we can help answer questions on your next build, give us a shout on our contact page.

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