Adding a TSP High-Efficiency FK8/FL5 Downpipe

The latest Honda Civic Type R features a lightened and stiffened body structure, a highly tuned engine from the factory, an upgraded braking system, and a six-speed manual transmission. Most enthusiasts would feel this new classic is perfect as Honda intended, but a limited few know there is more untapped potential in the FL5 Type R chassis.

Upgrading your downpipe is a great first step when adding more power to your FL5 Honda Civic Type R.


What is a Downpipe on a Turbocharged Vehicle?
The 2023 Honda Civic Type R comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine producing 315 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. The downpipe is a one of the components in the exhaust system of the Civic and it is connected to the turbocharger turbine housing. The downpipe helps to control emissions by filtering exhaust gases. Most newer downpipes incorporate a catalytic converter to reduce tailpipe emissions and limit the number of components in the exhaust system. Most OEM downpipes are restrictive with a smaller diameter to meet strict emissions and reduced sound levels. Replacing the factory Civic downpipe is a simple process that requires a few basic hand tools, but the effort is worth it. A new downpipe will offer more sound, a less restrictive exhaust system, and the best part is more horsepower - thanks to the improved exhaust flow.


How to Add 55 Horsepower to Your FL5 Civic Type R
Two Step Performance & Derek Robinson of Innovative MotorWorks have developed an upgrade package to the FL5 Civic Type R that can net 55 additional horsepower. The new package uses a TSP High Efficiency Downpipe as the first component to the new power level with additional tuning from Hondata FlashPro. Additional components in the upgrade package include a PRL Drop in Air Filter, a PRL Intercooler, and a Milltek frontpipe back exhaust. The TSP Stage 1 for the FL5 produces an amazing 361whp and 383 ft-lbs of torque. If you want to see more of the 2023 FL5 Civic Type R with this work, check out the shop car.


Research and testing have shown that a downpipe upgrade is one of the most effective modifications to perform when looking to increase efficiency out of Honda's 2.0L turbo engine. The Two Step Performance high efficiency downpipe upgrade promotes optimal airflow with virtually no turbulence throughout the body of the downpipe. This design utilizes 304 stainless steel investment cast ends that have been CNC pocketed for a smooth transition to a 5.00" OD, 400 CPSI GESi G-Sport EPA certified catalytic converter for the middle body. This 5.00" OD catalytic converter was formulated for small displacement direct injection vehicles and offers optimal exhaust flow up to 1,000whp. All components are fully back-purged on site to withstand high exhaust gas temperatures. The wide shape of the cast inlet smoothly blends the turbine outlet and wastegate gases to reduce restriction, while the cast outlet allows smooth taper to aftermarket and/or factory front pipe.



The TSP downpipe fits all 2017-2021 FK8 & 2023+ FL5 Civic Type-R models, all 2018+ Accord, Acura RDX 2.0T, & Acura TLX 2.0T, and all variant models including right-hand drive (RHD), international models, etc.
All downpipe kits include the downpipe assembly, heat-shield stand-offs (for use with factory heat shields), a downpipe hardware bag (including lower gasket), an O2 sensor harness extension, and an M18 x 1.50mm hex plug (for Accord applications) for a seamless installation.

  • No ECU calibration or tune is required.
  • Use of this downpipe will NOT result in a check engine light!
  • This downpipe utilizes a 5.0" 400 cell count EPA compliant GESI G-Sport catalytic converter, for use up to 1,000whp.
  • This downpipe is compatible with factory and/or most aftermarket front pipes, no adapter necessary.
  • Consider pairing this downpipe with a matching form fitting blanket from PTP

Downpipe Finish Options:

  • Raw
  • Silver Cerakote Finish
  • Black Cerakote Finish
  • Bronze Cerakote Finish


Two Step Performance was founded in 2017, preceded by a lifelong passion of modifying and driving turbocharged imports. We began with a small assortment of handpicked brands that we personally used and believed in. As the company and the community around us have grown, we have continued to add carefully selected product lines to our catalog. In addition to offering brands that you already know and trust, one of our favorite things to do is to identify innovative new products and emerging brands and add them to our catalog as well. We only sell products that we believe in. We also take great pride in offering the best experience to our customers every step of the way. If we can help answer questions on your next build, give us a shout on our contact page.

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