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Built L15B7 1.5L Civic for the 2016+ Honda Civic


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Would definitely recommend for your big power goals

Due to customer demand, we are now offering this package to the public. We have sold several of these already and all customers have been thrilled with the results. This package includes the following:

  • New bare block, crankshaft, trigger wheel, and oil squirters from Honda
  • Saenz Performance Series Rods or Brian Crower ProH2K (save $200)
  • JE Forged Pistons (factory Si compression ratio is standard)
  • Cylinder Support System
  • Bore, Hone, Jetwash, Micropolish, and Assembly of Shortblock
  • Balance of the rotating assembly (Optional)


This shortblock is warrantied for up to 600whp but we expect it would hold much more.

Customization is available. You can save $800 or so by supplying your own bare block and crankshaft as a core. Alternate components can be used, if desired. Please contact us via email if interested. (

Shipping cost (with insurance) is calculated based on actual cost to the customer. This cost is typically less than $100 but does vary based on your location.

Due to aggressive pricing, discount codes may not be used on this product. TSP Reward codes are accepted.