Built L15B7 Shortblock 1.5L Civic for the 2016+ Honda Civic

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Two Step PerformanceSKU: L15B8-NB
Balancing?: No
Rods: Brian Crower ProH2K
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Please note, there is currently a 8-10 week build time on orders that do not supply their own crankshaft upfront, but only a 6 week build time on orders that do supply their own crankshaft. Also, shipping costs are now included in the price of the shortblock assembly.

This package includes the following:

  • New bare block, crankshaft, and trigger wheel from Honda
  • Saenz or Brian Crower Rods
  • JE Forged Pistons (factory Si compression ratio is standard)
  • Cylinder Support System (now includes shims to fill slots between cylinders)
  • Bore, Hone, Jetwash, Micropolish, and Assembly of Shortblock
  • Oil Squirter Blockoffs
  • Balance of the rotating assembly (Optional)

This shortblock is built for up to 600whp (see details below) but we expect it would hold much more. There have never been any reported failures.

Customization is available. You can save about $1000 by supplying your own bare block and crankshaft as a core. Alternate components can be used, if desired. Please contact us, if interested in a further customized build.

Due to aggressive pricing, discount codes may not be used on this product. TSP Reward codes are accepted.


GUARANTEE: If you crack a sleeve within 1yr at or under 600wHP we will reimburse the full price of the CSS process. 

1) Customer must provide us with the vehicles set-up, a dyno sheet and tuner info.

2) Guarantee does not cover cracked sleeves due to catastrophic failure (i.e. dropped valve, broken rod ect)

3) Guarantee covers the original owner and is not transferable.

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