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TSP Stage 1 Tune for 2016-2021 Honda Civic 1.5T Non-Si


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Customer Reviews

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Luke F. (Melbourne, AU)
More mid! Very smooth.

Found the tune to be more powerful in the mid/high range than Hondata +6psi base map
Smooth. Would like to have access to the mods cause I think I had something turned on that gave it a bit quicker launch. Overall happy customer.

Louron Daly (New York, US)
Smooth and Powerful.

I must say, this tune is truly amazing for what it is. Low end torque is abit conservative but the mid to top end torque just makes your car pull like a monster. Big thank you to the Professor Derek Robinson and Two Step Performance for creating this tune for us CVT people. If your on the ropes of purchasing this tune, please do not hesitate to do so. It truly is the best bang for your buck.

Kaden Larsen (St. George, US)

This guy is a tuning wizard. This tune Unlocks it’s full potential. If you have a 10th gen civic highly recommend purchasing this tune with the k tuner together “which I didn’t do” but it will save you money and it’s 100% worth it!

Claudio Kayo Carfagna
Real professionals with a capital "P"

I allow myself to write this review directly from Italy and I must say that few brands in the world can boast such an effective and professional assistance service (especially from one continent to another), I bought about a month ago the Tsp stage 1 for my civic CVT and shortly after installed, I realized that the switch map did not work, despite the serial number of the same. There was no (*) let's say that I was almost resigned that it was not possible, while instead the boys went to work, and the time that their technician returned from vacation, after 2 weeks they sent me a new file updated with all the correct characteristics of the 3 steps of the map! :) .. thanks to Daniel in particular for following the whole story, but especially if you have not yet purchased this TSP stage 1 for your civic 1,5 10th gen is time to do it! .. on my CVT to travel map 1/2 and on track 2/3 with paddles on the wheel I have the right versatile type of car I was looking for !!. Thanks again to all the staff
Greetings Claudio

Shawn Macpherson (Brooklyn, US)
Tps stage 1

Works great love the 3 maps. It's like driving a new car. The support 2 to none

Anonymous (Belleville, US)
2016 Honda Civic Ex-T CVT

Great customer service and a great tune. When I upgrade to an SI I’ll definitely be coming back for another without hesitation.


Orders placed during business hours are typically emailed the same day, otherwise they are filled the following business day.

If you are ordering for a FlashPro device, please select "FlashPro" in the software version dropdown menu. FlashPro tune orders may be slightly delayed due to the process required to build your custom file. Hondata FlashPro users should also note that we are NOT offering a secondary O2 disable service for this tune, which means you are not able to use this tune with a downpipe that does not meet emission standards. 

Two Step Performance and Derek Robinson are now offering the long awaited for TSP Stage 1 tune for the non-Si 1.5T Civic variants. Details are as follows:

187whp / 200tq - Factory Calibration
203whp / 250tq - KTuner Starter 21psi
219whp / 258tq - TSP Stage 1 Tune for 1.5T Non-Si



As you can see, we were able to achieve peak gains of 32whp and 58ft lbs of torque over the factory calibration. If you take a close look at the dyno chart you will find max gains of 39whp at 6100 RPM and 63 ft lbs of torque at 3400RPM! Torque gains were slightly limited to avoid risk of damage to the factory engine and transmission.

All testing was completed on an otherwise stock 2017 Civic EX-T 6MT with approximately 71,000 miles on the odometer, running 93 octane fuel. Tune features include:

  • Numerous fuel, ignition, turbo response, throttle response changes.
  • WOT shifting enabled.
  • Adjustable launch control enabled.
  • "Rev hang" disabled (the end user can enable "rev hang", if desired)
  • All disables / monitors are able to be adjusted by the end user.
  • Quick Boost By Gear is able to be adjusted by the end user.
  • On-the-fly boost map switching active for normal and "Sport" modes. (see below)
  • Throttle Responsiveness & Throttle Padding Settings are preset to custom specifications. Non-Si 1.5T customers will not be able to adjust these settings on the user's end.

Map 1: Factory boost levels and turbocharger response.
Map 2: 16.5psi normal mode, factory boost level "Eco" mode, Improved Turbocharger Response
Map 3: Custom boost level normal mode, 16.5psi "Eco" mode, Improved Turbocharger Response

Factory boost level in "Map 1" allows for easy "valet" mode when the KTuner unit is unplugged from the car.

Premium fuel (91 or 93 octane) is REQUIRED. This tune is not compatible with E85 "Flex Fuel".

This tune is available for both standard transmission and CVT equipped Civics. The CVT version of the tune has slightly reduced torque below 4000RPM to avoid risking damage to the CVT.

If you are ordering for KTuner and you see an asterisk (*) by your software version number, please note that your file will not include map switching. This is due to the base file we use from the KTuner software. Your file will be equivalent to "map slot 3" (max power) in our standard file. (FlashPro devices follow this protocol as well, as they do not support on the fly map switching.)

Suitable for use with the factory intake or a QUALITY aftermarket intake that keeps fuel trims in check such as the PRL Motorsports Cobra. Aftermarket downpipes are also fine. Mods such as this are expected to add power that is not accounted for in our dyno testing.


One of our testers brought his TSP Stage 1 equipped 2018 Civic EX-T with the CVT transmission to his local dragstrip and recorded numerous 13.X second runs, his best being a 13.6! (Other supporting mods include intake, exhaust, and intercooler upgrades.)


If you see an 'x' in the software number in the menu above, that is a variable. This means that 5AA-A0X is compatible with 5AA-A01, 5AA-A02, etc:


How to check your software version:

  • Open Ktuner software
  • Click on "Tools" in menubar
  • Select "KTuner Unit Info" option
  • Check the number under the "Software" heading
  • Verify against our list above starting at the '5' in your software number

**This is not the same as your ECU hardware number on the outside of your ECU.**


This tune is for the 2016+ Civic 1.5T Non-Si only (LX, EX, Hatchback Sport, Hatchback Sport Touring, etc). Please be sure you are purchasing the correct tune for your vehicle and software number because digitally delivered items are non-refundable. (If you buy this for your 2019 Civic Sport with the 2.0L motor, it won't work, and we cannot offer a refund.)

Please note that all testing was done using a different dynomometer from our Si tunes. Because of this, total power numbers should not be compared against our Si tunes. As always when evaluating dyno results, the important number is the difference between the factory calibration baseline testing and the final results.

Click here for our installation guide.

By purchasing this tune you are agreeing to the terms found within our site policies.