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PRL Motorsports Performance Parts is a top supplier of high-performance parts and accessories. We offer quality products and easy layaway terms to help you get the additional racing parts or upgrade your vehicle.

The Importance of Buying Premium Aftermarket PRL Performance Parts for a Honda Civic or Accord

It's important to buy quality parts from quality manufacturers. PRL Motorsports is a leader in the Honda aftermarket industry, having developed and manufactured a wide array of performance upgrades for many Honda models.

Worth the Money

High-quality products mean a better experience, better performance, and longer life. With premium aftermarket parts, you're getting higher quality and more accurate engineering than with generic parts. PRL does not just design a product and then throw it in a box to sell at random — we make sure it works the best it can for your vehicle. PRL intercoolers are carefully engineered with precise fins that work well with their intended turbochargers and piping.

Improved Aesthetics

Our aftermarket parts also improve the look and feel of your Honda Civic or Accord. Our carbon fiber induction system is both lighter and more rigid than factory plastic intake systems and improves throttle response while looking great under the hood.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

When a car's engine is tuned to run at its optimal level, it can make the most of each drop of fuel. This can be achieved with aftermarket parts. The result is that more performance is derived from the same amount of fuel. It also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

Increased Horsepower

More horsepower translates into better acceleration and faster speed, which means the vehicle can reach its destination quicker.

PRL Motorsports Parts Offered by Two Step Performance

Cobra Cold Air Intake for 2016+ 1.5T Honda Civic Non-SI and SI

At Two Step Performance, we have the direct bolt-on cold air intake system for the 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T. This CAI is designed using extensive knowledge in airflow dynamics and restriction reduction, resulting in a perfectly engineered intake system that provides your Civic with cooler, denser air for maximum power gains. The unique design improves throttle response and increases horsepower and torque throughout the entire power band while providing an aggressive intake note under hard acceleration.

2017+ Honda Civic Type R Fk8 Billet Intercooler Upgrade

This intercooler is a direct replacement for the factory intercooler. The core is a bar and plate design that offers greater cooling efficiency than the factory tube and fin design. The inlet and outlets of the intercooler have been designed to be a direct replacement of the factory pieces, which means no cutting or welding is required to install this intercooler upgrade.

Boosting your vehicle's performance is not that difficult. At PRL Motorsports, we're always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition. When it comes to delivering innovative solutions for a Honda Civic or Accord, we believe in taking a holistic approach. Contact us for the best services.

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