Honda Civic Tuning Packages: How to Get the Best Performance from Your Car

If you're the proud owner of a Honda Civic, you know that it's a great car. But even the best cars can be improved. This blog post will discuss how to get the best performance from your car by installing some simple aftermarket upgrades and adjusting its ECU settings. We'll also talk about the benefits of doing so and provide some tips for keeping your Civic in top shape!

10th Generation Honda Civic

The tenth generation of the Honda Civic was released in 2016, and it's still a popular choice for tuners today. There are plenty of aftermarket parts available for this model, so you can customize your car to suit your taste. If you're looking for performance upgrades, there are plenty of options. The tenth generation lineup consists of 3 different motor types: 2.0L Naturally Aspirated, 1.5L Turbo, and 2.0L Turbo. There are many aftermarket options available for these to increase performance and efficiency.

2016+ Honda Civic 2.0L NA

These cars are a good budget-friendly, base-model car. The Civics with this motor are a little more limited than those with the turbocharger. This car does not have any forced induction, and all its power comes from the motor. Power modifications for this car are pretty simple - the objective is to make it breathe easier. This includes a cold air intake, down pipe, exhaust, and a tune. Honda recommends running 87 octane, but running a higher quality fuel will help this car run more efficiently.

2016+ Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo

The Civics that come with this motor have a few more options when it comes to modifying this motor. This motor has a turbocharger, and can make more power than the base models. The modifications for this motor include a cold air intake, turbo inlet pipe, down pipe, front pipe, exhaust, and a tune. Honda recommends running 91+ octane, but running a higher quality fuel will help this car run more efficiently.

2016+ Honda Civic Si/Type R

These two Civics are the performance-minded and tuned cars straight from the factory. The Civic Si is a good entry-level car for any enthusiast thanks to its high-revving engine and sport suspension. The Si and Type R can easily get significant power gains by installing just a few modifications. Adding a cold air intake, turbo inlet pipe, intercooler with charge pipes, down pipe, front pipe, exhaust, flex fuel kit, and tune will push these cars to the next level.

Aftermarket Tune Importance

An aftermarket tune can improve the performance of your Civic, making it faster and more powerful. It can also improve fuel economy and make the car more fun. You can turn your Civic into a real head-turner with the right modifications. Be sure to listen to your tuner on what fuel types to use with the proper tune. Using the wrong fuel can not only limit your power, but it can damage your car.

Two Step Performance

Two Step Performance offers a variety of tuning packages for Honda Civics. If you're looking for performance upgrades, we offer various options to choose from. TSP Stage 1 Tune for 2017-2020 Honda Civic Si is a good example. Honda Civic Si owners can now enjoy a more aggressive driving experience with the new tuning kit from TSP. The settings on map 1, Factory Boost levels, and turbocharger response are all available to be adjusted by the end-user to create their perfect tone of voice for any situation!

You can install a cold air intake to improve airflow or a header and exhaust system to increase power. We also offer suspension lowering kits to improve handling and give your car a more aggressive look. So, if you're looking for a way to improve your Honda Civic, Two Step Performance will be happy to help you find the right package for your car.

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