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Custom e-Tune / Calibration for KTuner or Hondata


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Customer Reviews

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Eric Baylis (Bayville, US)

Derek is great to work with.straight forward very fast getting revisions and with every one the car feels amazing

Casey C.. (Sacramento, US)
If you know then you know! Its the best of the best.

It's just etune they said... no big deal they told me.., Thats not a real tune dude! I've heard it all, and thanks to TSP and Derek they have made both getting this process super easy, and from the best in the business. You can tell the moment you start the car after the first upload. My eyes must of been huge as i made that first pull. The design and flow of the entire process is so seamless and fluid that its no doubt a sign of busy times, but very experienced oriented as well. All great things to have when you're clearly successful at what you're doing As a customer it makes life simpler in so many ways, especially during a process which involves this type of modification and hardware. I give you guys a standing ovation here tsp. Ive ran your stage one tune for so long and put down the milage on it as well. That tune was great, Derek you seem like nice chill dude and i cant thank you enough for doing what you do and the way its all setup. Real hard to screw anything up, unless you live in the country lol. The price is so worth it, the etune factor, id find it hard to believe that much better results would come out of being on a dyno. Other than "time" to work through the processes, your basically getting the same shit thing. Yeah i'd love to be able the take my car in to his shop to be tuned but thats pretty far to go when an etune will get you you the same outcome. As always a pleasure working with you guys at TSP, its why i will be back again and again! Much appreciated! 🍻

Juan Vazquez (Everett, US)

i just have question i want to know if this tune those POPS AND BANGS

Kyle (El Paso, US)
Custom e-Tune

I ordered the e-Tune 2 weeks ago since then I have been working with Derek Robinson, he is a very good tuner. I am pleased with the tunes we have done so far, with much more work ahead of us I'm sure we will get to where I want to be.

Jeff Cullup (Albany, US)
Can't go wrong with TSP Tunes!

If you upgrade any part of your car, you are not fully utilizing what your car is capable of. While l do like TSP Stage 1, it is no longer a "one size fits all" once you start bolting parts on. Derek is a great, to the point, communicator and works with you to make sure you're getting what you need out of the aftermarket parts you are installing. I will not use another tuner with my 10th gen, ever.

Jared Buist (Bountiful, US)
How neat is that!?

Derek was really great to work with. Had a new revision every day so I got to go home and play every evening after work. Now I don't know what to do with my life. Guess I should actually drive my Honda now that it is on an incredible tune and is running great! My fuel trims have been dialed in and I am running more boost and power more reliably. I'll be sending every Honda owner I know to get a custom e-tune from Derek Robinson and I'll be returning if I need anything else.

** Priority Service now available. This option for is for those that are in a rush and need the fastest service available. Priority service guarantees that that your tune is bumped straight to the top of the list any time a revision is due. **

Are you looking to get the most power out of the modifications you've made to your late model Honda or Acura? A custom tune is the best way to maximize your car's potential. We have partnered with Derek Robinson of IMW to offer custom tunes to our customers. Derek is well known within the Honda and Acura community for the excellent job he does. With an in depth knowledge of both the KTuner and Hondata software, he is able to safely extract the most power from your engine.

If you purchase an e-Tune from us, Derek will provide a starter map for you to upload to your ECU. He will request that you record a datalog and then email it back to him. Revisions are made to the map and then sent back to you. This process is repeated until your tune is perfected. An e-Tune can be completed from any location and does not require access to a dyno.

A KTuner or Hondata device is required for this service.

Please note that if you've added a forced induction system to an engine that is normally aspirated, an additional fee of $49.99 must be collected as the tuning process is much more complex. (This does not apply if your vehicle came from the factory with a turbocharger.)