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  • US designed and manufactured
  • For use with:
    • FK8 (Civic Type R)
    • FL5 (Civic Type R)
    • DE5 (Integra-S)
  • Four Hondata 1427cc injectors

This upgrades the Hondata FK8 fuel system to the fuel system plus. It includes an exhaust camshaft and larger injectors. The Hondata camshaft delivers 25% more fuel volume when teamed with the Hondata FK8 fuel system. This is done with a redesigned Direct Injection camshaft lobe. This camshaft is only designed to work with the Hondata fuel system DI pump. Use with other direct injection fuel pumps may damage the camshaft, the pump and engine.

The lift and duration of the exhaust valve lobes for this camshaft are stock, to give your Civic Type R (FK8 or FL5) or Integra-S (DE5), stock starting, idle and emissions.

The Hondata designed, US manufactured 1427cc fuel injectors deliver a spray pattern for great fuel atomization with 47% more flow than a stock Civic Type R (either FK8 or FL5) or Integra-S injector.

Initial quantities are limited. Please provide your Hondata Fuel System serial number when ordering.

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