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Compatible with all 10th generation Civic models. MCB (Motion Control Beam) improves handling and comfort for all 10th CIVIC. It’s not only reinforces the body but also absorbs small vibrations. It has some hard springs and friction plates that will not degradation. MCB is installed to the front lower part and the inside of the rear bumper. The ideal body structure proposed by SPOON is “Rigidization”. The newly developed "Motion Control Beam" has a special structure for controlling the rigidity of the front and rear ends of the body where the torsion is most likely to occur. This product improves comfort and ride quality. Since the 90s, Spoon has participated in touring car races based on commercial vehicles, and demonstrates how the technology, knowledge and experience gained from the race can be demonstrated without compromising the comfort and quality required for street use. We have been working on product development based on the theme. Among SPOON's body parts born from the feedback from the race site, the most representative product is “Rigid Collar” released in 2007. With Rigid Collar, the monocoque and sub-frame are made rigid by filling the gap between the body, sub-frame, and fastening bolt with a specially shaped collar and tightening firmly. Now, we focus on “torsion control of the end of the body” that occurs during cornering and “compatibility of comfort and high quality necessary for street use”. "Motion Control Beam" is fastened with a damper equipped with a special friction mechanism at the forefront of the front reinforcement and the rear end of the rear end panel. By installing a friction damper against the twist on the body side diagonal due to load movement, we succeeded in significantly reducing the torsion of the body while ensuring a certain level of rigidity. Although the normal reinforcement brace alone can secure rigidity, the fine vibration will increase. However, by installing this friction damper, the fine vibration is absorbed and a high-quality ride with no noise is realized. Originally developed by Aisin for application for Nismo, TRD, and others, this technology is now available from Spoon for Honda.

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