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Ballade Sports Soft Socket for Lug Nuts!!! First in the world to have both inside plastic liner and outside plastic.

Protects your nice expensive lug nuts from marks and wear. This is a no brainer when torquing down your lugs. Plastic shielding outside protects the wheels from scratch marks as well!

Others out there only have plastic outside. No manufacturer has paid any attention to the lugs, but nowadays many of us use expensive titanium or aluminum anodized lug nuts. This is the product you need in your toolbox.  All sockets are 3/8 drive.

Included 4x Plastic disposable refill inserts made from Delrin Hard Plastics.  Additional refills also available for purchase.

All sizes Available:

  • 17mm Hex
  • 3/4 inch or 19mm Hex
  • 13/16 inch or 21mm Hex
  • 22mm Hex 

This product is great if you're in need of a thin wall socket to fit in your wheel.

OD Sizes:

  • Size 17mm - OD 26mm - Plastic Outer Plastic off is 24 mm
  • Size 3/4 - OD 28mm - Plastic Outer Plastic off is 26 mm
  • Size 13/16 - OD 30mm - Plastic Outer Plastic off is 28 mm
  • Size 22mm - OD 32mm - Plastic Outer Plastic off is 30 mm

Note: Not for use with impact gun. Hand tighten/loosen only.

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