August, 2023

Michael Baxi // 46 // Fairfield, CA // @grid_zilla
Having owned the FK8 previously and pushing that platform to the limits on the track, I wanted to see what I could do in the FL5. I flew down to SoCal to pick it up and drove it home. I missed being in a Type R, and it was an amazing feeling. I grew up with friends in the 90's modding our Honda's and that mantra has stuck with me ever since. None of my cars stay stock for long. The difference now being that I don't modify for looks or street cred; I modify to chase lap times.


It's hard to single out my favorite modification, but among my favorites are the Paragon 6pot BBK with the rear brake upgrade and a close second would be the RV6 rear suspension modifications. I really feel like this made the car come alive and easier to rotate! The plan is to do anything and everything that will help lower lap times. At this point, more of the focus will be on additional cooling mods. I'd have to say my least favorite memory with this car was overheating on the track. Being a father of two and commuting for work, I hire only trusted hands to work on my cars: Hybrid Works, Doteki Auto Solutions, and Drew Eng. Tuning is handled only by Ant at Hybrid Works and Pepo Bebosa of Redstar Motoring.

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