September, 2023
Chris Bohan // 31 // Saint Albans, Vermont
I really liked my previous 2019 FK8, but I'm a big Honda fan, and I was excited about the new capabilities of the FL5. I love the suspension for its' tunability of Comfort and Individual mode. Even R mode is just an amazing technology. The only thing I can really nitpick about would be the exhaust; I wish it sounded like the new Integra Type-S. Corey's FL5 build inspired me to start modifying. I reached out to him multiple times for advice on which modifications are the best and he's been super helpful every time with my build process.
PRL P700 Turbocharger
TSP High Efficiency Downpipe
DreamWorks Pipe Cross R Intake
PRL Turbo Inlet Pipe for FL5
PRL Billet Front Mount Intercooler
Hondata FlashPro w/ Custom Tune
Honda OEM Carbon Fiber Wing
Honda OEM Red Interior Trim Pieces
The P700 sounds so amazing compared to any other turbo I've heard on the FK8 or even the FL5. I would like to do a Frontpipe, Milltek Exhaust, and maybe go with Flex Fuel. I do all of the modifications myself, and something I love about the FL5 is that it's so much easier to modify compared to the FK8.  They have so much more room under the "Enjoy Department" to do Downpipes, Turbos, and Turbo Inlet Pipes, unlike the FK8.
My favorite memory would be the first day I completed tuning with Derek after my P700 turbo was installed. I was cruising home from work when a yellow Ram TRX pulled up next to me, all windows rolled down, and the truck was full of the driver's buddies. They were yelling at me, "Let's race!" We did 4 pulls of 40 rolls and I slowly walked him every time. The last time he blew by me with all of his buddies windows rolled up except one, and with a middle finger out. Lol, guess he was mad. Least favorite memory would be leaving a car meet and my car pulled a P0046 wastegate code, so I left a meet with 0 boost until I got home. The biggest setback would be financially because PRL and TSP make great parts... but the gains and smiles are worth it!

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