November, 2022


Casey Huliganga // 22 // Saipan // @huligangstahh26


I was handed down a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer when I turned 16 years old. The car had a Borla axleback, painted hubcaps, mudflaps, painted front bumper to mimic a front end Evo, and other small goodies. It was the car that was modified by my brother, dad, and I. The car was bought by my parents because the Lancer was slowly dying out and I was staying back in my hometown to finish college. The Civic was bought back in September 2018. My parents and I chose the car because it had space, looked sporty, and looked nice. What motivated me to start modifying my car was when I made friends through my car. All of us had 10th generation Civics. Eventually, we made a group called SPNxGenz, Saipan Chapter x Genz. Through that, as well as having my brother as an inspiration/influence to me, the passion/motivation of building my car started from there. The highlight of the car is that it is bagged and my wheel choice. The only lowlight of the car is that it has a CVT. But that's okay because my parents drive my car looking and being cool. 


Current Modifications List
PRL Cold Air Intake 
PRL Turbo Inlet Pipe
PRL PTP Black Lava Turbo Blanket
PRL Black Powder Coated Intercooler w/ Charge Pipes
PRL Catted Downpipe
PRL Front Pipe
KTuner v2
ETL CVT Cooler
Remark Exhaust
Wrinkle Red Valve Cover
Innovative Motor Works: Custom E-Tune Derek Robinson
Adam's Advanced Graphene Coating
2020 Front/Rear Bumper Garnish
ABS Dynamics Type R Style Lip
OEM Honda Splash Guards
OEM Honda Emblems
HIC USA Window Visors
Casale Carbon Fiber Duckbill
Cleared Taillights
Clear LED Reflectors
Lastfit LED Signal, Brake, and Reverse Lights
Diode Dynamics SS3 Max Foglight
FKx Highflow Cooling Grill
Dual 8-inch Skar Subwoofer
RP 800.1D Monoblock Amplifier
WeatherTech Floor Mats
WeatherTech Trunk Mat
Red LED Lasfit Bulbs
Enkei RPF1 BC, 18x9.5+15
Continental Extreme Contact
DWS 06+ Tires, 245/35
SPC Camber Arms
Vera + Air lift 3s Management
Air Lift Air suspension


My most favorite modifications are specifically the SBC RPF1's and air suspension. It’s a tie between both of those modifications. RPF1's might be overplayed to others but they’ve always looked good to me, and I’ve wanted them since I was a kid. As for air suspension, it amazes me that I have it on this car. I have always seen it online but to have it on my car...just blows my mind.


Future modifications would have to be to the interior and engine bay. For the interior of the car probably do a full sound system upgrade, change seats, add carbon accents, steering wheel, etc. For the engine bay, probably from carbon engine covers to small dress up bolts to make it look nice. As for performance, although it may be a CVT, I would want to try and upgrade the turbo to maybe RV6's ball bearing turbo or PRL's drop in turbo for the 1.5t and a custom flex fuel tune. The biggest challenge would be fuel because where I live, we only have 87 and 91 octanes, and the fuel quality isn't that great either. So, I would have to ship some fuel in if I really wanted to do a flex tune.


Yes, I have done modifications myself but also with friends and with a shop. I’m limited to my tools and knowledge as this is the first time I've ever modified a car this much. Just thankful for the people that have helped me throughout the building process. My favorite memory with my car is when I did my first mods, which were clear side markers and window visors. Might be small changes for others but to me that was the start of me modifying my car. Never felt so proud doing those. Another favorite memory would be winning 2nd place in the 4-Door category for my local car show back in 2021. Never thought of placing because there were solid cars competing too! Then the following year, I was able to place first in the 4-Door category for my local car show. My least favorite memory with my car would be when I was driving to drop off food to a friend. The food tipped over, I went to catch it as I was turning, and then BAM. I hit the curb. A security guard saw me and asked if I was okay, but I played it off like nothing happened. Felt so stupid at that moment.


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Wyman Maxwell

Wyman Maxwell

Wow that’s some car bro. I have a 2023 Honda civic 1.5t sport touring hatchback. When i bought the car I got it with leather and had the dealership put the HPD wing on it. Looks good on the hatchback.I have wanted a honda civic for a long I can make my car beautiful. I just started my mods on my car myself.. I’ve put tints on it with a nice strip in the front windshield. I just put a K&N typhoon wide mouth cold air intake on my car and I have a PRL Motorsports intake resonater delete kit to gain some turbo sound!!! This new model came way too quiet lol but I’m working on that already. I just ordered a few cosmetic items for the interior like a civic arm rest leather protector, longer red aluminum paddle shifter upgrade, rubber civic door sill protector strips, and door handle scuff protectors carbon color.

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