October, 2022


Nicholai Lekson // 23 // Cincinnati, OH // @fk7_si



My previous car (2015 Civic Si Coupe with PRL GT3076R Turbo) was totaled by an impaired driver, and I was looking at a few options. I didn’t like the Coupe for the cargo space, which I needed due to moving frequently. The Hatchback looked good, and I read very good things about the 2020 refresh and liked the styling a little more. Prices for MT Sport Hatches were way lower before COVID, so I ended up getting this because I could use my insurance payout to pay for a good chunk, and I liked how it drove from factory. My favorite memory with this car is the Tail of the Dragon Trips with friends and the CivicX group. The car is a real surprise for people.



Current Modifications List
Variable Intermittent Wipers
Wolo Horn Upgrade
KTuner V2
27Won Brake Kit with Hawk PC pads
Civic Si Rear Brakes Conversion
Koni Prototype Rear Shocks
Progress Rear Sway Bar with Accord End Links
Unity Side Markers
Seibon CF Tailgate Spoiler
Suma Performance Side Mirrors
Caruse Aero Flap
Si Sedan Seats
2020 Civic Si Gauge Cluster with Translator module
2015 Civic Si Shift Knob
2020 Si Engine Block
JE 10.3:1 Pistons
Saenz S Series Rods
Boundary Oil Pump Gears
BC Steel Valve springs
ARP Hayabusa Studs w/ ETD150 spacers
Rampage Ti Hardware
Si Intake Camshaft with FK7 HPFP
PRL Intercooler
PRL High Volume Downpipe
27Won Cold Air Intake
Hasport 62A Side Mounts
Competition Stage 2 Clutch Kit with 22lb Flywheel
2017 Civic Si Transmission
PRL SS clutch line
Civic Si Axles and Shafts
Acuity Shifter Rocker Arm
Acuity Spherical Bushings



The Si transmission is my favorite modification. I missed the LSD of my previous car almost immediately in the winter. Everything felt sluggish and slippery, and climbing hills was near impossible. I also didn’t love the shifter gate spacing at first. There is nothing glaringly wrong with the platform, but I wanted something unique and still passable as stock. Limited Slip Differentials help immensely at the limit, and it completely changed how I enter and exit corners. My track times have also markedly improved. I built the motor in my garage. I did every bit of the motor build with minimal help from mechanics besides the bottom end finishing steps with torquing. I do all of my mods so that I’m not bound to a shop if something happens.



I plan to do the following modifications:
Desmond Regamaster 17x9 with 255 width tires
A valved exhaust
Koni Front Suspension
FK8 Rear Bench Seats

(And in the distant future in a world where I have money):
Big Turbo



The Sport FK7 has ridiculous mechanical grip, and it gives me the vibe of a “modern classic” Honda. It has reasonable pep and spectacular driving dynamics. The transmission is crisp, and it is logically spaced gear-wise. There is a software bug on the electronic parking brake where it can randomly disengage. Not fun. EPB sucks overall, and I wish they’d gotten rid of it. I almost reconsidered the car for a while after the body damage from the EPB. I left the car in the driveway, came out, and it has rolled into a tree! It's very rare, but there are a few 10th gens on NHTSA that have had the same failure. It took ages to get parts and there were tons of backordered parts. It sucked for the 3 months...it drove, but it looked like crap. Honda eventually issued a recall, but I was unfortunately out of luck with them covering it. I now leave it in second (first gear pops out) when I park as I don't trust the parking brake.



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