October, 2023
Kaleb Franklin // 27 // Houston, TX // @blamekayo

Before I owned my '22 Si, I had a '20 Civic Sport. As you can see, I have a love for Hondas as this is my 5th Honda overall. I bought this car as it's a fun, reliable daily and seeing all the aftermarket support for this car motivated me to start modding it. The highlights of the car for me would be it being turbocharged and the 6-speed manual transmission. The lowlights of the car for me would be the low horsepower and small engine. I definitely think the 2.0T should've came standard for the Si.

Megan Racing Catback Exhaust
YOFER V3 Body Kit

My favorite modification so far would have to be the KTuner with the TSP Stage 1 tune; it really woke the car up! With all the modifications I have installed so far, the KTuner was like the cherry on top. The plan for my next mod will be a TSP High-Efficiency Downpipe so I can maximize the power gains that the stock downpipe is restricting.


My favorite memory with this car would have to be the numerous installs done at my house with friends. We all had such a good time; some with more knowledge than me and some with better jokes than me, lol. It's never a dull moment working on this car and thanks to Honda for making these machines easy to work on. My least favorite memory with this car is doing 40 roll pulls with my friend @betsy_si. I nearly money shifted my car and thought I almost ended it all. Definitely a gut-wrenching moment for all my manual transmission buddies. 10/10 would NOT recommend. Never really had a setback with this car (knocks on wood​) but I recently became a new homeowner and most of my time and money have been going in that direction. Don't worry though, like all true car enthusiast nothing will stop me from modding my vehicles, so more parts on the way!! Thank you to the TSP for the great customer service and satisfaction!

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