The Importance of Intercooler Kits in Auto Performance

The quality of the intercooler system determines the response of your car engine. Therefore, it is important to be very keen during the selection of intercooler kits. The best quality of a complete intercooler kit boosts the pressure of the compressed air, making it less dense as it gets into the intake manifold. The resultant high oxygen content in the manifold ensures a better air-to-oil mix in the engines, which elevates the auto performance. There are two primary reasons to consider while selecting an intercooler kit: minimum pressure drop and the maximum heat transfer rate; hence it is important to understand the intended reason for the intercooler application.

At Two Step Performance, we offer intercooler kits from various makes and models.

Honda Civic Intercooler Kits

Honda Civic has greatly evolved over the past five years and has now joined the class of vehicles with the 10th generation intercooler kits from Mishimoto. Mishimoto intercooler kits are well modified and designed to suit the users' requirements. For example, the upgraded model does not stop even after detecting a temperature drop. On the other hand, stock intercoolers are well fitted with plastic tanks to eliminate the highly charged air that might cause an accumulation of shock in the intercoolers.

Subaru WRX and STI Intercooler Kits

The top mount intercooler kit can be used for Subaru STi and Subaru WRX. Due to the increased air pressure in the turbo, a lot of heat is generated as the air particles begin to move faster, generating heat energy. The ability to discard the heat produced at high speed will make the air denser and allow high air output from the system. Top mount intercooler kits are preferred due to their stainless steel state and high-density rates that optimize heat transfer.

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