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A key aspect of engine performance is airflow. Also important is being able to know how much air (oxygen) is going in your Earth Dreams 1.5L engine at all times. Your stock Mass Airflow Sensor, or MAF for short, is tasked with that critical role. It provides information that your engine computer needs to make decisions on fueling and tuning.

However, like most parts on your modern Civic it has its limits. As we continue to increase the amount of air we are moving through our engines with upgrades like the W1 turbocharger or Front mount intercooler we quickly approach the limit of what our factory MAF sensor can read.

Upgrading from the stock precision MAF housing found in our hybrid cold air intake system to our 80mm race MAF increases both the amount of air your engine can ingest for more power potential and ensures accurate measurement of that added flow.

Designed as a 100% direct bolt-on piece to your existing 27WON CAI our upgraded Race MAF requires a simple reflash to get you on the way to more power. Check out the details below…

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Coming in at an unmatched 80mm our upgrade Race MAF dwarfs the OEM MAF housing with an increase in size of over 72%. With this upgrade you raise the limits of the OEM MAF sensor and pave the way for any and all future airflow mods.

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ktuner-graph-showing-gramspersecond-of-oem-maf-housingStock-size MAF Housing
ktuner-graph-showing-g/s-on-race-maf-housing27WON Race MAF Housing

A Larger MAF housing serves 2 main Purposes:

First, with a 3” opening into our intake tract we are physically able to ingest more air into our engine. This allows for an increase in volumetric efficiency which can result in additional horsepower gains. Looking at the graph above you can see we moved more air for a given rpm.

Second, by expanding on the MAF sensor table we are able to avoid “pegging” the sensor. A MAF sensor is pegged or out of limit when more air is physically moving through the housing then the sensor can accurately measure.

By upgrading to a larger housing and then re-scaling the MAF tables via our tuning software we are able to expand what the sensor can read and not have to worry about maxing it out and causing any tuning related issues.

TIP: The sensor in the OE MAF housing has an operating limit of 10,000hz. You can see in the graph above that with the larger MAF housing we are well below this limit (8450 Hz).

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Just like your existing OEM sized MAF housing our upgraded 80mm MAF is constructed from billet aluminum to ensure the tightest of tolerances. it comes finished in an black color for those looking to blend in and our signature orange for the bold ones who dare to REDEFINE their ride.

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We designed our RACE MAF to work with both SI and non-SI 1.5L turbocharged engines. Kits come with the MAF housing, clamps and silicone to fit either an OEM turbo inlet pipe or our 27WON 80mm turbo inlet pipe. You have everything you need for a simple install.

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  • Installation of the 80mm RACE MAF will require scaling of the Mass Airflow tables. It is highly suggested you contact a local tuning professional to help you perform this function.
  • A Hondata Flashpro, KTuner, or stanaldone ECU is required to perform MAF scaling. It cannot be performed on a stock non-flashed ECU
  • The 27WON 80mm race MAF is designed to work with the 27WON Hybrid CAI only.


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